Victoria Fayne

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Bio: Born in Liverpool, Victoria got stuck into making up stories as soon as she could hold a pencil. After living in London and Paris, Victoria relocated to New York - working for both artist Joshua Neustein and filmmaker Frank Capri. She's an alumna of the Young Everyman Playhouse Writers programme. After working extensively in post production on documentaries, Victoria developed an obsession with directing and went on to create films including Don’t Fall and Holly - inspired by Warhol Factory star, Holly Woodlawn. Her work has been shown globally at film festivals such as Phoenix Film Festival, The Otherness, Equality Festival and 300 Seconds Shorts. She's been published by Brick Lane Publishing and the Mechanic's Institute Review.

Victoria Fayne's Projects

Local Hero

Local Hero

Not all heroes wear capes, some have cardigans.

Local Hero is a heart-warming snapshot into the life of an elderly man. Left alone after his wife Rose dies, Charlie Maguire tries to carry on as normal. He just wants to be left alone with his cat, Dagger. But between his interfering neighbours, the lads in the street and nosy Father Diamond, the Parish priest, he can't get a moment's peace. Maybe they're right. Maybe he can't look...