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Bio: I am a London based Writer, Director, Producer and everything else in between when needed, I work extensively on minimal budget short films, I obsessively take part in as many contests as humanly possible with my minimal core crew and source the rest online as and when needed, every year I complete the London Sci-Fi 48 hour film challenge and regularly enter the monthly Lacie Collective film challenges (around a full time freelance career) and as many other challenges as I find, including submissions to the St. Albans film festival - Suffice to say I am highly motivated and consistently making as many movies as I can and it wont stop now. As a Director who solely self funds my projects I can only put limited resource in to support my crew, and given that I work consistently with them I want to help them with their own careers in the industry by being able to offer an incentive for them to work with me. I also want to expand into bigger productions and make something more of my short movies, I am a creative to the bone and have written 20+ shorts (of varying quality) and produced a total of 7 with an 8th in the pipeline as well as working on student short films & films of friends in the capacity of art director / production designer. Well that's a little about me - I am dedicated to making a life in this industry whether I have to pay for it myself or otherwise.

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Enter The Agency - Episode III - Hello Gerald!

Enter The Agency - Episode III - Hello Gerald!

In a world where anyone can be a superhero, we find there are, well... a lot of shit super heroes out there.


Thanks for stopping by, I'm Matt & I'm currently creating superhero...