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Two strangers meet one night to discover it doesn't have to be lonely at the bottom.
Hello! I'm Mark Brennan the writer and director of Squall - thank you for taking the time to check out our Greenlit campaign. squall (noun) a sudden violent gust of wind or localised storm Squall is a short film about a chance meeting between two strangers at rock bottom in their lives, who go on...

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The Good People

Youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness
Synopsis The Good People is a short coming-of-age film, about Jackson Jones, an aspiring young American writer, who is spending the summer in a coastal village in the south of France on a quest to find inspiration for his writing. His stay takes an unanticipated...


Sometimes the greatest challenge is being who we are
  I have always been fascinated by the legends and heroes that shape our past; ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things. Boudica is one such hero. Mother, leader, warrior, we all know how her story ends, but what we don't know, is how it...