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Bio: Growing up I asked a lot of questions. And I made stuff all the time. So when I was told to pick a career I decided that architecture was for me. But upon graduating the economy crashed, construction stalled and I took a job in Berlin at a studio that mixed design with film, I loved it. I made a super 8 film starring myself as a clown and screened it in Bremen. Sitting there hearing the audience gasp, laugh and clap I had this revelation about being a film director. So I quit architecture and dedicated myself to making films... entering competitions, taking course after course and eventually I secured work in New Delhi teaching kids in slums how to make films. They told their stories about child marriage, alcoholism and bullying and screened them to their parents. That’s when I realised that films can change the world. Since then I’ve worked with brands, charities and musicians. I’ve won awards, competitions and even a coffee machine. My short film ‘Emigrant’ won ‘best free fall’ for emerging talent at the Limelight film awards. ‘Everyday Struggles’ screened at Bafta as part of Nespresso Talents. And my feature film script ‘It’s a riot’ about the 2011 riots was selected to be developed with the Screen Arts Institute at the BFI. Getting tutored by Bafta winning producer Emily Leo. I’ve directed two seasons of web series #Reality which opened the BFI’s Future film festival in 2017, screening in BFI NFT1 as well as festivals worldwide. I directed a LGBTQ+ series called Flatshare (released in 2019). ​ 2019 has seen my short film successfully navigate the TriForce Creative Network's 'Pitch it Live' competition for funding. 2 high profile music videos and a commercial for Warner Brothers that will be airing on Sky later in the year. As well as being long listed by Film London for short film funding and being shortlisted at the TCN Writers Slam for my TV pilot script 'Shortcutz'. From an early age my father has lived with Parkinson’s disease and that experience has informed the films I want to make. Upbeat stories that’ll make you laugh, cry and dance in your seat.

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A disabled father and his son try to buy drugs so the Dad can dance with his wife... what could possibly go wrong?

Ecstasy is a short film bringing maximum awareness to Parkinson's disease and is inspired by the real-life revelation that the drug ecstasy can temporarily alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's. So step back and become part of a wild action-packed ride where a disabled father and son try to buy drugs so the Dad can dance with his wife... one... last... time