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Bio: Ewan is a Brighton based filmmaker. Co-owning his family business, Long Way Home Productions, he has created numerous creative media products for local and international clients alike. Starting out as a volunteer Production Assistant, Recordist and Video Editor, Ewan gained knowledge in many aspects of filmmaking. Ewan now works on music videos, shorts, and events. Ewan is excited to be refining his skills in short film Producing and Crowdfunding Management.

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Returning to his hometown one last time, a wayward love-rat reignites friendships and reopens old wounds in one self destructive weekend.

Subterranean is a character study of our lead character Harvey, a homesick love rat, who returns to his hometown of Brighton one last time to meet up with his estranged brother, reignite friendships and reopen old wounds in one self-destructive weekend. Our film embodies the lives of apathetic Millenials; directionless and quick to seek escapism in illicit activities. Our...