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Bio: Eben Skilleter is an independent filmmaker based in the UK. He has made 6 short films, all of which have been accepted at film festivals (20 to date). Winner of three. His next project is the ambitious high-end short film "Archie's Last Drive".

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Archie's Last Drive

Archie's Last Drive

An ageing former racing driver must reluctantly accept his estranged son's help to restore his classic Jaguar E-type thought lost forever
How difficult are broken things to mend? A rusty E-type like the one below could take an expert team a year to restore. Broken relationships, of course, can take even longer to rebuild. Archie's son Martin discovers this when he attempts to heal their divisions. Until recently the presenter of a TV...

Projects Eben Skilleter is supporting

Getting Away with Murder(s)

Up to 1 million Nazis carried out the murders but in Germany less 7,000 were punished. Why?
Overview - What Price Justice? By May 1944, 10,000 people were being murdered every day in Auschwitz. Over 8,000 Nazi members of the Waffen-SS were serving at the largest single mass murder site in history. 7,000 of these people survived the War. However, only...