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Bio: Dustin is an award-winning writer/director from Los Angeles, California. He now resides in the UK with his new wife and daughter. His background includes several microbudget short films which focus on sociopolitical issues. His current documentary, BLAKE BYERS BROUGHT A CIGARETTE TO A GUN FIGHT is wrapping post-production and focuses on police brutality in the US. Currently, on the festival circuit, NORA, premiered at the British Film Institute as the centrepiece of a TEDTalk event and has won 14 awards to date. His previous Best Short Drama winner, AVERY ROAD, combines the issues of women’s rights and gun violence to focus on the polarisation of American values and it’s impact on society. His previous film festival hit, WITHOUT REGRET is now available on Amazon Prime and depicts a multi-generational discussion around the inner conflict between the past and present. With over two decades of experience in the film industry, Dustin has written and sold several feature screenplays, successfully crowdsourced four seasons of the web-series Happy Hour Sketch Comedy, and is currently the Festival Director for The People's Film Festival presented by Kino Short Film - a London based filmmakers collective with 1,300 members. Dustin has a proven track record of sharing compelling stories of global significance through the medium of character-driven short narratives.