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Bio: A film producer and screenwriter, working on a slate of original movies with Raya Films. Her screenplays have received high praise from established companies in London and Hollywood. She has also been commissioned to write screenplays for clients from all over the world, including Louisiana, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. Caroline's award-winning d├ębut feature, 'Do Something, Jake' was released in 2018 and is now on general release. The experimental feature 'Agent Kelly' is due for release 2020 and two other films (Surveilled and Cyberlante) are currently in post-production. Caroline continues to develop a number of other feature projects, including the mystery horror 'The Finca'.

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No Ordinary Vigilante...

WHAT A CAMPAIGN! WHAT A RIDE! Thank you all so much for your support over this last month. We've not only raised over and above what we ever expected, we've also welcomed new colleagues to our team and made new friends. We're well into finalising Cyberlante and now able to move things on to the next stage: sound design. As soon as the film is completed and ready for screening, you'll...