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Bio: Candid Broads Productions is an award-winning production company founded by Oriane Pick & Rachel Mariam. As two actresses constantly on the lookout for interesting roles, they soon realised that interesting roles were as rare as a decent one night stand. So after some consideration (and three bottles of wine) they decided to create their own production company to gain control on the kind of stories they want to tell, and play the roles that actually excite them. No more auditions for « Sexy Girl 3 At the Bar ». Now they were going to be « Sexy Girl 1 At the Bar ». And, that’s power baby. The aim of the company is to tell stories with a fresh, original perspective. To entertain, inform or simply have people relate (or to eventually get enough money to stop selling their used underwear online). Welcome to Candid Broads Productions, we hope you enjoy the trip.

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'I AM' is a short film that wishes to explore schizophrenia and break the many stigmas and clichés still surrounding this mental condition. Although we live in a world where people feel freer and more comfortable talking about mental illness, there still is a long way to go, especially with less understood conditions such as schizophrenia, which is too often sensationalised and misrepresented...