• In words we trust, and fail.

A disillusioned priest hears a series of confessions that tragically converge through the inadvertent projection of his own unresolved pain, resulting in an irreversible decision.


Hi, I’m Abigail Parmenter, the director and co-writer of Unready. Thank you for visiting the campaign page! 

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U n r e a d y is a tragic short film about three characters, each overwhelmed by the problems in their lives - whether it’s from their past, their current situation or a looming predicament, none are ready to face their problems and take responsibility for their own actions.

As a storyteller I am fascinated with relationships and communication, finding subtle ways of exploring some of life's biggest moments.

My previous short film (What we say, What we mean) played with the idea of an alternate reality where the characters had the space to express their true feelings. Unready explores the painful process of coming to terms with our own suppressed and unresolved feelings, as well as the emotional – and at times tangible - impact they can have on those around us.

In a time where there is an epidemic of isolation, loneliness & miscommunication, our story reflects on these themes through a series of tragic events that lead to a irreversible outcome. Unready acts as a catharitc wake up call for us all, showing that no matter how dark life may get we always have the power to choose how we respond.  


(Images above from 'What we say, What we mean'  featuring Charly Burridge- Jones & Chris Reilly)

We have a fantastic cast attached, who have already helped myself and brilliant co-writer Ally Sedgwick build and shape the story through a series of workshopping and brainstorming sessions.

I’m delighted to also be working with award-winning filmmaker Dom Lenoir producing the film, who originally instigated the project with me in mind to direct. Dom is not only a good friend but also has a wealth of experience in making both short and feature length drama.

Last but not least, I am very excited to once again work with the very talented cinematographer Joao Da Silva who shot my previous short film. 

We strongly believe in a supportive film community which is why we have developed this film together as a group, comprising of some really talented individuals..


Previous work from Dom & Abigail in cludes award winning films Winter Ridge,  What we say, What we mean and I Love my mum


Father Goodwin is wrestling with a deep sense of disconnect. His deep-seated issues remain buried in his subconscious until he takes the confessions of two anxious young people.

Vangelis is struggling to process the imminent death of his father. He confides in Father Goodwin that the only thing getting him through this turbulent time is the fact he will soon be a father himself. The conversation resurfaces a powerful memory from Goodwin’s own childhood, that causes him to see many others play out before him.

Beth is struggling in the early weeks of her pregnancy and is seeking spiritual guidance. She confesses her fear of having a child to Father Goodwin, intensifying his visits to his past and causing his impartiality to slip.

By inadvertently projecting his unresolved troubles on to Beth and Vangelis, he unintentionally steers a path of pain for both of them.


Our brilliant cast has a wealth of experience in film, on stage and as creatives. 


Father Goodwin - Jordan Bernarde 

Jordan Bernarde is known for his work in Da Vinci's Demons (2013), The Gospel of Us (2012) and The Stand (2018). Nominated for 'Best Male Performer' at Wales Theatre Awards for Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco and 'OFFIE' Best Male Award for his performance in As Is at The Finborough. 

Beth - Kelly Juvilee

Kelly is known for her work on short film Struggle (2018), for which she received nominations for best supporting actress. She also has leading roles in feature films Hymns of Abarise (2019) and Cupid (2020). Kelly has run her own successful London based theatre company Out of the Blue.

Vangelis - Victor Rios

Victor was born in Bolivia and came to the UK at the age of 16. Victor has appeared in short films Stay (2011), The Longest Night (2013), He Smiled (2018) and won an award for his performance in The Wedding Pact (2012). He is also the creator of Three Blokes Productions.  



Producer, Dom Lenoir 

Dom has produced projects across the UK and Europe, creating work boasting high production values with a focus on cinematic, thoughtful drama. His latest feature Winter Ridge (2018) has won awards at festivals across the world, had a 25+ screen theatrical release in the UK and is currently being distributed globally. He has produced four features to date, with two more confirmed for this year and several more in development. 

Writer, Ally Sedgwick 

With a screenwriting MA from the Met Film School, Ally has been working as a reader for Studio Canal as well as developing her own projects. Her latest feature, The Ideals, was selected for the quarterfinals of ScreenCraft’s sci-fi and thriller competition 2019, and she co-wrote short film Go On which premiered in Oslo in 2018. Ally and Abigail have also co-written feature script Another 7 Actresses and are looking to take it into pre-production in 2020.   

Writer/Director, Abigail Parmenter

In addition to studying film at Bournemouth and Poole College, Abigail trained as an actor at RWCMD and now has over 10 years’ experience in front of the camera. She has featured in productions such as The Crown, BAFTA-nominated short Samuel 613.

Abigail brought together her passion for all aspects of visual storytelling in 2019 by writing, directing and producing her debut short film What we say, What we mean which starred Scottish BAFTA-winning actor Chris Reilly and Charly Burridge Jones. The film received Best Directorial Debut at the SFAAF and Runner up Best Female Director at Out of The Can Festival, alongside other festival nominations and selections.

Co Producer, Mark Brennan

Mark is a writer, producer, and director working in independent film, commercials and branded content for more than a decade. His short film work includes the award-winning Tea For Two, and most recently the short film Squall, which was also funded right here on Greenlit and is about to begin its festival run. Alongside his film work he works in concept creation and development for video and television advertising, screenwriting original ideas or to briefs for creative and corporate video, producing projects of various sizes, and directing creative videos and voice-overs. He is also the Festival Director of the Exit 6 Film Festival, showcasing short films and their makers from around the world – a festival now in its 5th year which FilmFreeway lists on its Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals out of the 8000 they facilitate on the platform. 




C i n e m a t o g r a p h y

Hitchcock-inspired tight framing and overlays build the intensity of emotion and focus on the unsaid. Like Bertolucci's work in The Conformist, a strong use of lighting and perspective gives the sense of a greater presence and the emotional magnitude within the piece. 


C o l o u r  &    S o u n d 

Inspired by Stephen Daldry's The Reader,  we will use a muted, bejewelled colour palate of gold, red, green and blue. Each colour deeply evocative but with a muted quality that reflects the characters emotional limitations.

We will create a textured soundscape inspired by Async - Ryuichi Sakamoto which focuses on ambient sounds from within the church rather than a musical soundtrack.   


Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 18.22.07.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 14.15.21.png

(click on the above image to listen to the inspirational Album Async)

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The funds raised from this campaign will be invaluable in getting Unready… ready to shoot!

Dom and I are using all our connections within the industry to produce the film as cost effectively as possible, without compromising the overall look and feel of the film.   

Our incredible cast and crew are helping us keep our production budget costs to a minimum by being very generous with their time and talent. However, there are some costs that even their generosity can’t cover, such as equipment hire, catering, costumes, our essential church location and set.

When it comes to post-production, we’re able to keep costs to a minimum as I will be editing the film myself, and Dom has some great connections who are willing to help us with the colour grade and sound mix. 

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If you've read all the way to here, know that you're already an angel in the eyes of myself and the team who have been working so hard to make Unready a reality – but now is the time to officially become an Unready Angel.

You can start by following us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to keep up to date on the progress of the project.

Then, help spread word about the campaign by sharing the link to this page wherever you can.

Most of all, if you believe in the drive and ambition of this project, and in the team that has come together to create this story, please donate.

In return for your donation there are a whole range of perks available, from pre-screening links to the film and a digital copy of the productions’ art booklet, to set visits and an original portrait of yourself or loved one inspired by the style of the film.

This is my first foray into the world of crowdfunding, but I am aware of the incredible support for new filmmakers and new stories that this wonderful community offers. I would not be asking for that support now if I didn’t truly believe that this story, and the way I want to tell it, could be achieved any other way.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

I can't wait to share the film with you.

Abigail x       




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