• A ‘Demon Whore’, the founder of ‘Original Sin’ and a ‘Seductress’; three women who have been vilified for daring to exert their own will


The (Un)Holy Trinity


Wed 6th Nov 2019, 23:23

CHRISTINA WOLFE is an actor based in London.  She spent her teenage years in Madrid, studied English and Philosophy at Durham University and then trained at Drama Studio London as an actor.

On screen, she most recently filmed an undisclosed Warner Bros/CW series in Vancouver.  Christina also played a main recurring role in two seasons of Lionsgate’s The Royals and featured in Sony Pictures’ film Very Valentine, and Sky’s Playhouse Presents.  She has also starred in the latest EA Games Need for Speed videogame and in various audio dramas.

Christina has also featured in many commercial campaigns, such as Coke Zero, Lexus, Herbal Essences, Very.co.uk and Thomson Travel.
Mon 28th Oct 2019, 12:58



According to Jewish lore, Lilith was the first wife of Adam.  Although not mentioned directly in the Bible, Lilith has been used to explain the two contradictory versions of Creation within the book of Genesis.  Like Adam, Lilith was created from the dust and the earth, making them equal to one another.  When Lilith refused to lie beneath Adam, asserting her equality, Adam insisted that she should perform her wifely duties. 

By refusing to submit, Lilith incurred the wrath of God and fled to the Red Sea, where she was cast from paradise forever and became the succubus (a temptress of innocent men), the breeder of evil spirits, and a child-murdering monster of the night.  Lilith's defiance of the masculine order forced her to become the ultimate symbol of all that is demonised within the traditional patriarchal society: chaos, seduction, and ungodliness.

It is this type of representation of the supposedly fallen woman that has contributed to the outdated and entrenched perceptions of femininity.  By examining such a defiant figure as Lilith, The (Un)Holy Trinity seeks to draw attention to these dangerous perceptions of powerful women as being shameful, or demonic and to question why these attitudes still persist today.  

Please help me to not only question why these dangerous attitudes persit, but to make people aware that they do and how limiting and harmful they can be to both men, women and nonbinary people, but supporting the campaign.

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Wed 23rd Oct 2019, 20:52


Filmmaker and Directors UK member Laura Jean Healey is creating a large-scale, multichannel film installation - The (Un)Holy Trinity - to mark International Women’s Day 2020

Directors UK caught up with Laura to talk about the unique challenges that come with directing such an ambitious visual arts project.

Go to Directors UK to read the full profile.


Mon 14th Oct 2019, 13:54


Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist Patsy May met with Rory Blain, the Director of Sedition - an online gallery platform - to discus my upcoming digital film installation The (Un)Holy Trinity and why they are supporting the project!

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Laura Jean Healey

Tue 8th Oct 2019, 22:50


Art Curator and Editor Anna McNay interviews Visual Artist Laura Jean Healey about her upcoming project The (Un)Holy Trinity for Elephant Magazine.


"The filmmaker’s award-winning project, The Siren, examined mythical female figures.  In a further dive into ancient legend, she is inspired by Biblical apocrypha, with her upcoming digital triptych, The (Un)Holy Trinity, showing that the vilification of women is a tale as old as time... "  

Click HERE to read the full artcile at Elephant Magazine.




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