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Start. Stop. Repeat.


Wed 1st Jul 2020, 14:01

Thank you for your support so far, we’ve had some more join our bandwagon since my last update, which is great.

I just wanted to let you know where we are and what’s coming up.

We have now reached the 10% milestone, which given the difficulties people have through the pandemic is so humbling.

I’m going to be somewhat ubiquitous online over the next couple of weeks (so good luck avoiding me) and if you could share with your friends online it would be great:

- I’ll be interviewed by Elliot Grove, Raindance filmmaker extraordinaire on IGTV at 1pm Thursday 2nd July about the film

- I’ll be on the brilliantly funny Drunk Women Solving Crime podcast dropping the 8th July. Subscribe, listen, but be warned, definitely not for younger ears

- The wonderful team behind @humansofcovid.19 will be featuring my Covid-19 experience, so follow and keep a look out

- And if that’s not enough, here’s a live chat I had with fellow filmmaker from Ecstasy on Facebook

And if you haven’t already, follow us on our socials for more updates:

- Twitter @busydoctor

- Instagram @start_stop_repeat

- Facebook

Best wishes


Mon 15th Jun 2020, 17:20

Thank you to everyone that's donated, I am humbled and honoured in your faith.

I dd this little update video after a 3-day weekend stint on the wards.

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