• Two strangers meet one night to discover it doesn't have to be lonely at the bottom.




Sat 18th May 2019, 15:09

It is with great excitement that we can announce our second lead actor confirmation.

Squall is a two-handed drama featuring two very layered characters experiencing a very tough time in their lives for very different reasons. We have already revealed who will be playing Margaret in our film, and now we can tell you who she will be spending this eventful night with.

To play the role of Ben we have now officially attached...



Gary first read the script late last year and has always been keen to be involved. We’ve had to wait for certain things to align but should all go well, we’ll be filming with the great man very soon!

He’s a tremendous actor that I have admired since his time in Eastenders, but has since worked on projects such as Patrick Melrose, Silent Witness, Grantchester and the upcoming Summer of Rockets. I am so thrilled for the opportunity to work with him on a character that I’ve only ever seen being played by him for a very long time.

However, to get that chance we do need to reach our target and we have a long way to go- so please do keep sharing and tell your friends about what we’re all trying to achieve together. We really can’t do it without your support.

Take care out there.

Team Squall.

Sun 12th May 2019, 13:33

Hello Everyone,

On this fine and sunny Sunday afternoon we are very pleased to announce that Mr Danny Kinnear has joined our team as Executive Producer!

This is Danny's first dip into the wonderful world of entertainment and we are sure that it will lead to much more.

The addition of an Executive Producer to the project brings not only much needed cash that takes us ever closer to our target but also more support and credibility to the project as a whole.

We are so pleased that Danny has chosen our project and really look forward to working with him to bring this film to the standard that we believe can be acheived.

All the best.


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