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Rural Romance


Tue 25th Feb 2020, 15:46
Glen here.

Sorry, this is not a personalised message but as you may appreciate this is going out to quite a few people.

With almost a month to go in the pre-production stage, I and Joe need to start making concise decisions about the direction of this film based on our finances at hand and financial projections.

We’re having to face the fact that our goal to reach a minimum of £5K through the crowdfunding campaign is highly unlikely. We suspect this is in large due to our inability to convey our project clearly beyond our friends and family – those donating need a visible representation of the product before investing. It’s something important that we dismissed early on in the process because we were perhaps a little too eager to put our unique, funny and heartfelt script with an incredibly important message in front of an audience.

Without guaranteed financial backing, we are just setting everyone up to fail instead of helping maximize our ability to craft the best film possible. And in turn, we’d be in a weaker position to distribute and ensure the right audiences see the film.

With that said, we’re now moving willingly onto plan B. So, I want to ensure you this is NOT THE END OF THE FILM but merely an additional stepping-stone to making it possible. Our strategy is to adopt the traditional approach of making an independent feature by making a short version of the film first. This SHORT FILM is what’s known as a PRECURSOR. It’ll be submitted to festivals worldwide and used to market the feature through traditional avenues and/or via a steroid-induced crowdfunding campaign. It’ll mean we actually have visual evidence of the product for audiences to back in order to entice sponsors and generate press with greater ease and with the time afforded to do so.

Now, this is not us looking for excuses, it’s us realising that our plan B was better for the film than our plan A. It’s not a sad moment at all, rather it’s a feeling of clarity and positivity - that we are doing the best for the project and the topic we are dealing with – long term.

Our NEW TARGET is £2,000, which will facilitate the funding of the short film. So please KEEP SPREADING THE WORD as from now donations will go towards the short and then, what we reach over our target will go towards the funding of the feature film (already written & in production at the end of next year).

Making films is bloody hard, please keep the faith in us.


Sun 16th Feb 2020, 12:10


Because of Storm Dennis, our director is busy repairing his family's farm today so here's a quick update from the Producer of #RuralRomanceFilm. 

We are currently at 20% FUNDED which is great, however far from what we projected. 

What I wish to put forward to you (our backers) is a CHALLENGE. If you can get 5 people to donate £10 each, that will bring us to our predicted 9-day target of 30% funded. 

You've been amazing so far but if completed, this challenge could prove fundamental to our campaign. 

Spread the word and tell people to visit the following link: https://greenlit.fund/project/rural-romance 

By supporting the film, we are raising money for the @dpjfoundation , promoting awareness around #mentalhealth in rural areas, and filmmaking in West Wales. 


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