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Welcome to the To Nowhere crowdfunding page. To Nowhere is a dark coming-of-age feature film about two troubled teenage friends—Tulip and Finn—who spend a day traversing a lonely corner of London on an alcohol-fuelled, chaotic journey-to-nowhere. 


Josefine Glæsel and Lilit Lesser in ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

While timid Tulip tries to express her burning love for Finn, Finn lashes out at the world to cover up a secret that has destroyed her. As day turns into night, their carefree fun-and-games evolve into a sadistic power play, and they start to lose control. As their relationship unravels, long-hidden truths start to emerge from the depths. When the girls find two fetish masks, their false facades are torn apart, and they are forced to confront what’s beneath.


Lilit Lesser in ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

Thanks to a sensational team effort, To Nowhere has been shot and edited. Now, in order to finish the film, we need your help to raise £11,500 so we can complete post-production and enter film festivals. In return for your help we want to offer you an array of custom perks and experiences that are unique to us and our project.


Lilit Lesser in ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

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To Nowhere: teaser

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Searching for meaning in their meaningless microcosm, Tulip and Finn wander through the day consumed by their aimless, endless quest for distraction. Despite their laughter, the girls are uneasy: something dark is lingering in their peripheries, stalking their every move. Come the night, the truth will out. They will see each other for who they really are. Brutal or gentle, spiteful or kind, Finn and Tulip’s voices are at the very core of the film’s identity. To Nowhere explores the complex and often confusing reality of two queer outsider adolescents struggling to understand their sexuality, gender identity, and the emotional weight of loss and trauma. 

To Nowhere is a female lead project with a female writer/director, female producer and focuses on a story about two complex female characters. A donation to this film would help raise awareness of the issues that the story tackles, as well as supporting crucial representation for women in independent cinema. 




Photos by Top Tarasin

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Five years ago, writer and director Sian set out to make her debut feature film. For a long time it seemed impossible, but her compulsive efforts eventually began to pay off, and things slowly, slowly came together. After an uncanny number of emails, relentless script drafts, sleepless nights, countless humiliations, and meeting some amazing people, it actually happened: after a two-week shoot with the twenty unstoppable cast and crew members (during which time Sian slept in the sets and sleep-deprived crew members travelled frantically to and from the farthest reaches of London) the rushes were finally created. A year and a half later, the edit is finished too, and we are so close to completing our journey. But we’re not quite there yet…


Josefine Glæsel and Lilit Lesser in still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker; image graded by Amy Astor-Lewis

An infinite amount of hard work and passion has gone into this project; every element of the film has been crafted with love and thought by people who care very much about the film’s characters and story. Now, we need you to help us complete the final touches. By donating (literally any amount that you can!) you can help us finish To Nowhere. To show our sincere gratitude for every donation, we have some excellent perks to offer you in return, whether you are a filmmaker or film enthusiast. We want to offer you To Nowhere and other film experiences  such as:


- Inviting you to our premiere, or on set of our next film as an extra.

- If you're more of a collector we can offer you some special, personalised souvenirs from the film that you can keep and hang on your wall.

- For our highest donation of £800 we're offering an Executive Producer credit. With this level of support your name will be credited on a standalone card and on our IMDB.

 Once we complete To Nowhere, there will be more films to follow (we’re already working on our second feature film). If you can support us with our debut, you’ll also be investing in our future. 

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Photos by Top Tarasin

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Ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

Lilit Lesser is an actor, writer, cabaret artist and translator. Television includes work for BBC (Wolf Hall) Netflix, (The Alienist, The Queen’s Gambit) ITV (Endeavour) Channel 4 (Spectacle) and Amazon (The Frankenstein Chronicles). They play the lead in several upcoming feature films including En Passant (PY Films). Radio includes The Bloody Chamber for BBC Radio 4. Recent theatre includes cabaret LILIT (writer/performer) at Barbican/Tramshed, and Trigger Warning at Young Vic/Shoreditch Town Hall. Their translations have been published in Jeune Afrique, Mother Tongues, and for Translators Without Borders. Training includes L’École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq.



Ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

Josefine is a Danish actor who is known for her work in theatre, film and TV. Her credits include Danish horror film Prophets of Ignorance (2016), her role as Emma in Roser er gule (2019), and Anna in TV series Friheden ll (2020), as well as an variety of theatre credits including Maelkeboettereglementet (2019) and Aftenlandet (2020). Josefine studied at Skuespillerskolen Ophelia (Acting school Ophelia).



Ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

After studying English and French at Oxford University Orlando attended the Conservatoire National Superieur D’Art Dramatique in Paris, and the Ecole Philippe Gaulier. Orlando’s varied career has taken him from the Royal Shakespeare Company and the West End to roles in film and TV. These include Death on the Nile, Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, Sleepy Hollow, Monday, Bobby, Hysteria, Jaques et la mécanique du cœur, Reign, HBO’s Doll & Em, BBC’s Motherland, The IT Crowd, Count Arthur Strong, The West Wing and others. Orlando is also a songwriter and artist.

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Sian’s screenplay for To Nowhere (then entitled Masks) was a Semi-Finalist for the Best Screenplay Award in the New Renaissance Film Festival in 2017. She wrote and directed short film, Shake It Off, which was nominated for Best Female Filmmaker and Best Social Realism Film in the New Renaissance Film Festival. It was also an Official Selection in the London Independent Film Festival and Women on Screen. Her radio play Telephone won the Roundhouse Radio Competition in 2014 and was subsequently broadcast. Her short story A Big Man was shortlisted in The Short Story Competition 2014. She is currently developing her next feature project.


After graduating from London College of Communication in 2013 Georgia has worked across TV, online content and short films.  She has worked with brands and charities including BT, Land Rover, The International Olympic Committee, The Holocaust Education Trust, Make A Wish and The Daily Mail. In her spare time Georgia is one half of comedy double act Hurt and Anderson and has taken 5 shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe as well as Leicester Comedy Festival.


Heather Basten is an English casting director based in London. She found her break into the industry at the BFI nearly a decade ago. She then moved into casting for Film and TV, where she has since cast for notable directors such as Rob Savage, Ana Rocha De Sousa, Charlotte Regan and Giles Ripley. She is a member of the Casting Directors Guild (UK), and the Casting Society of America (USA). Past production companies and networks casted for include Fox TV, Film London, BFI Network, BBC Films, Sky Arts, DMC Films and more. As an associate, her credits include Netflix’s The End of the F**king World, Robert Egger’s The Lighthouse starring Willem Dafoe& Robert Pattinson, and TV series Gomorrah. Current projects due for release in 2020 include interactive feature film, The Complex starring Kate Dickie and Michelle Mylett, and BFI backed Salvation Has No Name, starring Itziar Ituno, Money Heist for Netflix and Yasmine Al Massri (Quantico for ABC). 


Photo by Top Tarasin


Puvanai "Top" Tarasin is a first assistant director/ film director from Bangkok, Thailand. He graduated with a BA in Fine Arts majoring in Film from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 2006, Top began working at production company Phoscine (Thailand), directing over 100 commercials there. He briefly worked as a creative group head and film director for online ad agency Ad Hoc Co., Ltd. in 2016. Top relocated to London in 2017 to pursue his passion for dramatic narrative. In 2018, he was 1st AD on the award-winning feature British Made (Godiva Films - London) - a crime drama about a reformed white supremacist, Your Eyes on Me (Da Art Films - London) – an intense drama about drag culture, and To Nowhere (Grapevine Films) directed by Sian Astor-Lewis. In 2019, Top was 1st AD on The Complex, an interactive science fiction feature, directed by Paul Raschid (Little Jade Productions - London). He recently assisted on a feature in Bangkok, Thailand The Bangkok Job (Monrey Films) and The Surgeon (Becky Sharpe Films) He also assisted on a dozen short films within that time. Top is also an award-winning film director with his shorts As It Comes and Your Reality.  He has a number of assistant projects and plans for his first feature film in 2020.


Mads is a Danish freelance cinematographer who has worked in the Danish advertising and film industry since 2010. In 2015 he moved to London and started working on music promos, commercials and a several award winning shorts. He is known for the successful short films A Girl Goes For Dinner and Cabrón. His films were included in the Official Selection of Short of the Month, Nice International Film Festival and the European Film Festival Moscow. He’s a technically capable DP who worked his way up through the film camera department. He’s always searching for the surreal through a minimalistic and naturalistic approach. Inspiration comes from David Lynch, Paolo Sorrentino, Chan-wook Park and Lars Von Trier. Mads is represented by Undercranked.


Carolina is a young production designer who has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from commercials and music videos to fiction. Her main inspirations are a mix of her sunny Mediterranean routes and her bustling London life. She has a passion for real storytelling and generating authentic spaces to house each particular narrative while still maintaining a bold visual style. The opportunity to curate spaces for such unique characters is what drew her to To Nowhere. The eccentric nature of the plot allowed for interesting dialogue between normality and the bizarre: the relationship between the characters’ public and private life. Her films have screened at London Short Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival, Underwire Film Festival, Pictoclick Women in Film Showcase, and have received the Iris Prize nomination for Best British Short.

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An alumni of the NFTS, his work spans across many genres and styles, both in fiction and documentary, and has screened at Sundance, Berlinale, Telluride, Hot Docs, Tribeca, Anima Mundi, AFI Fest, BFI London, Bristol Encounters and Sheffield DOC/FEST, and broadcast by the BBC, Sky Arts, Al Jazeera and YLE Finland. Some of his recent credits include: feature thriller Containment (2015, dir. Neil Mcenery-West), short film I Do (2016, dir. Natasha Khan) as part of the omnibus feature Madly produced by Cowboy Films & MTV and series of shorts The Break (2016, dir. Zam Salim) for BBC Drama. He has also cut several feature films of much-anticipated Dau (2019, dir. Ilya Khrzhanovsky).


Alex is a colourist and award-winning cinematographer. He is a visiting colour grading lecturer at various universities including LFS. His background in fine art and still image processing made for a good base for focusing on the post production side of image making. With 6 years experience he has colour graded 10 feature films and numerous shorts, commercials and music videos. 


To Nowhere's post-production sound department consists of 5 BAFTA Nominated Sound Designers. The team has worked on several Netflix and Amazon Prime productions, along with several award-winning films. The team is made up of Ruth Knight (Dialogue Editor), Yin Lee (Dialogue Editor), Harry JN Parsons (Sound Editor), Ed Rousseau (Re-recording Mixer), and Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen (Supervising Sound Editor).


Jane Wood, Lilit Lesser and Josefine Glæsel in ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

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A donation to this project would be a donation to help representation of female directors and producers and help us engage a wider audience with a film that touches on important societal issues including abuse, the LGBTQ community and immigration. We are a small, committed team and we would be extremely proud to have completed our entire film through crowdfunding.


Sam Larner and Lacey Bond in ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

Where will the money go:

We need to pay our sound designers, our colour grader, buy crucial music licenses and enter the film into festivals.

Pie chart.png

As you can see from the pie-chart, by far the biggest expense we are facing in post-production is music. Paying licensing costs for authentic, pre-released tracks is a legal necessity (i.e. something we are required to do by strict release laws). It’s expensive, but we really believe it’s worth it! 


To Nowhere uses music in a strictly diegetic way. Woven into the film’s fabric, music is a source of both self-expression and emotional torment for the primary characters. In order to reflect the time-warped world of one character, we are aiming to include a selection of really special, rare songs written and recorded between the late nineteen-fifties and the early nineteen-seventies. The music employed in the film is a marker of the past in which the characters are lost. Each track is a trigger. 


Orlando Seale in ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

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Thank you for your love and support! We hope you want to see Tulip and Finn’s story come to life as much as we do. To finish our journey, we need to complete the sound design, colour grading, music, and titles. Once completed, To Nowhere will be released into the world of festivals and out to our audience. So, please, donate any amount you can, as every donation makes a world of difference and will be sincerely appreciated. Follow us on social media for film updates and help us spread the word by sharing our campaign:

INSTAGRAM: @tonowherefilm - https://www.instagram.com/tonowherefilm/

FACEBOOK: @ToNowhereFilm - https://www.facebook.com/ToNowhereFilm

TWITTER: @To_Nowhere_Film - https://twitter.com/To_Nowhere_Film

We are so proud to have all of you supporting this unique and truly indie film, and hope soon to share the untold story of Tulip and Finn with you. Thank you for everything! 

Love, the To Nowhere team xxx


Lilit Lesser and Josefine Glæsel in ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker




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