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Hi, I'm Johnny Kinch the writer and creator of The Methodists, a modern-day Brit Flick full of dark humour set in the heart of England that follows the crazy exploits of two very different hitmen, Harvey and Winks. Both are psychopaths but display their psychopathy in very different ways.

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The film starts with 'Winks' who has been simply sent to collect a debt and give a guy a slap - but in his lust for violence, he shoots the first person he sees. Which just so happens to be the last remaining son of a powerful family firm, run by the powerful 'Mrs Morgan'. This sets off a chaotic chain of events, with gunfights, amazing combat scenes with hitwoman 'Parker', epic locations, very strong and unique dialogue - and of course moments of absolute madness thrown in for fun!


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Johnny Kinch is an actor and started film.incproductions during the lockdown. He went to RADA in 1996 and has worked on various films and tv programs. He started the production company to help the under-represented talent get work and was a producer, actor, set designer, stunt co-ordinator and stuntman in the last film he worked on 'Surveilled' in 2019, due for release in 2020. He wrote the feature film 'The Methodists' in April 2020 and has been working on casting it and funding it since then.

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Johnny's fellow 'Methodist' and co-lead is Mark Winks, Mark was born and bred in Braunstone Leicester and is somewhat of a phenomenon. His former life was hard and he was known as an enforcer, a hard man and one not to be messed with. The sad passing of his grandfather and also the birth of his son changed his life for the better. He has since worked in a number of films and tv programs and had a documentary made about his life by the BBC. He is very excited about playing the role of his namesake 'Winks' - his father's former nickname. He has a big heart ,is a massive fan of Leicester City FC and is an avid collector of rare and interesting items. Mark will bring breadth and depth to his character drawing on his colourful past.

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This very British film plays with genre, mixing drama and comedy. Harvey goes to meet a gun runner, expecting the usual hard man in a  flash car, but instead is greeted by Barry - who has a strong Birmingham accent, thick lense glasses, wears a fleece with wolves on and turns up driving a four-wheeled electric scooter, with an array of teddies tied to the front.

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And in yet another scene, we meet Billy Lynch a real hardened East End criminal with a certain set of skills, who gives a number of amazing monologues in rather violent situations that take you by surprise, due to the surreal settings and the unexpected topics he talks about. For example, in the middle of one fight scene, Billy has to ask everyone to stop so he can have a biscuit due to his diabetes. Everyone is taken aback by his request but it is granted and they all sit down exhausted and choose varying biscuits to which Billy can't resist educating those present what their choice of biscuit says about them. He inevitably says something offensive about Winks' choice - which kicks off the fight again in spectacular fashion.

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The Methodists is set in the modern-day Midlands and will have British 80's music throughout giving it a very strong feel. We have confirmed most of the cast by way of self-tapes. 

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Caroline Cheswoth.

Caroline plays, Kelly Morgan, boss of the family firm. This is Caroline’s first feature film role having come to acting later in life. Previous credits include TVCs and stage appearances including recently playing the flirtatious ‘Maddie’ in ‘Connections’ directed by Sue Jenkins at The Lowry Theatre. A former clinical psychologist and business woman, Caroline particularly enjoys playing strong female characters. ‘It’s important to see women on screen who do not rely on being rescued, and Kelly Morgan certainly stands on her own two feet. I can’t wait to get on set as Kelly, she’s a force to be reckoned with’

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Toby Sauerback

Toby Sauerback was born and raised in South East London. He was trained at The Young Vic Theatre until the age of sixteen. Then went into construction for thirty-three years and retired end of 2017. He resumed his acting career and did his first short film in January 2018, since then he has done 10 short films, commercials, photoshoots and a catwalk show, which was amazing. He says 'It's been a rollercoaster ride that is getting faster all the time.' He had a great opportunity to be featured in the new bond film and officially credited by production on my IMDB. In 2019 he spent two and a half months in India filming what will be one of the biggest movie's to come out of India called Marakkar, he worked with one of the biggest directors and some of the biggest actors playing the lead villain in a historical movie based on true events. So now to The Methodists, a great script and cast written by Johnny Kinch. The character of Nasty Billy Lynch was written specifically for me by Johnny. The film has some amazing twists and fight scenes you will not want to miss, it will be one of those films leaving you wanting more GUARANTEED. So please get behinds us and support INDIEFILM.

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Reece Putinas is known for his work on The Education of a Negro (2019), Misanthropos and Cannibal Lake. And he was also a wrestler!

Dee Quemby is an Old British TV/Film actress - former stand up comic, was in Emmerdale as a dingle and Last of the summer wine! I love film noir, black comedy, tap dancing & James Cagney.

Julian J White. Is a character actor inside the costume and Creator of blood & Gory stuff, Prosthetics, Practical Fx for Film and Tv.

Mark Addison Has been a full-time actor for the last year, has been in many short films is fire armed trained and an ex-pro boxer!

Josh Cowle After graduating from the University of Greenwich in Digital Film production and then transitioning into working as a performer - I’m honoured to be cast in the role of Danny and extremely excited to work alongside such a talented cast & crew on an incredible project.  Can’t wait to get going!


Tommy Garside Has just finished at MANCHESTER SCHOOL OF THEATRE (MMU) and will be playing Daz a pivotal character where Harvey and Winks meet back in 1989 Leicester. He is delighted to be on board and we are delighted to have him join us!


Kate Griffiths is a multi-award-winning freelance Makeup Artist in​, Design and Makeup Application with 15 years experience in the industry out on location, in the studio and in theatre, Kate’s extensive makeup kit enables her to work at short notice on projects across the UK. She is delighted to be part of The Methodists team an is looking forward to working on the project. 

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So 'WHY US' and 'WHY NOW'?

Well, that's the easy part. Firstly we have an amazing script unlike no other, a true Brit Flick and not just another gangster movie, they're 10p a bag full! No this has it all, proper British humour, fights with faults, unexpected twists and turns and scenes that will become instantly iconic, tea and biscuits, blood and guts and a cast that fully fits our remit of 'Diversity in Unity'. We have actors between the ages of 10 to 74. Strong female characters with skills from different ethnicities and walks of life and we got the green tick on the Bechdel Test Movie List! And in order to get on this list, your movie has to pass these 3 different criteria. 

1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it

2. Who talk to each other

3. About something besides a man!

We are 100% dedicated to making a high-end production, that will make the British indie film community proud. We WILL make this movie and it will win awards at festivals and the like. And then there's the premiere! What fun that will be, an event packed with industry professionals who will get to experience the reality that even Covid19 and the lockdown can't stop British film innovation and imagination. Film.incproductions and 'The Methodists' was started in late March 2020 and during that time I had to make a decision, I could let the wave drown me or surf it to a new destination. Well, that's exactly what I did. I wrote 22 drafts of the script in 10 days, set up all social media sites and built all the websites. Since then I have cast all the characters and our twitter figures speak for themselves. As of the beginning of May, our production company and 'The Methodists' have gone from 0-1Million impressions and 50K profile visits in just 6 weeks. This is meant to be!

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We want to make this film to a super high standard and in order to do so need to buy our own equipment. Why you might say? Well, when The Methodists is complete and being watched around the world. film.incproductions will be making more films giving more people the chance to showcase their talent. So buying our own equipment will save us thousands in the long run and create new jobs for actors and crew alike down the line! 

So to sum up, we are all so passionate about making this film and can't wait to start filming. I hope you found this message inspiring and sincerely hope you join us by donating, thus enabling us to bring this great story from script to the screen. Thanks for your support in advance and see you at the premiere! Many thanks, Johnny Kinch (Writer, director, producer)



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Ask the community

If you have a mansion we can use that would be great, some flash cars are always useful, a run-down flat with a downstairs door, and if you are a clothes company we would love to use your brand to dress our actors, you will, of course, get full credits etc. Ps Anyone who wants to be a runner, or wants to be involved behind the scenes please get in touch! Thnx PS we also need a 4 wheeled electric scooter!

If you can help, please message film.incproductions directly.



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