• A dying man requests an audience with a priest. Is he seeking forgiveness or something more sinister?
Franz – an old, dying man, and former Nazi, calls a priest to his bedside for his last confession. But Father Kramer finds him chillingly unafraid and unrepentant. The story Franz tells, and what happens next, will go beyond the darkest imaginings of his confessor.
The Last Confession is a new short, from writer Kevin Hopgood and director Dustin Murphy. A genuinely shocking and frightening tale, it pushes genre and convention to pull the audience in, and take them somewhere dark and completely unexpected. Taking atmosphere and visual cues from great contemporary horror films such as The Ring and Let The Right One In, this is a film that will haunt the memory.


The first section of filming has been completed. We are now seeking to raise the balance - £3,000 - of the budget to shoot some essential period flashback scenes, which of course require support. Costume, makeup, props and location are all critical to the story, and there’s real narrative value in having these done properly.
Importantly, while this has been a labour of love for our cast and crew, we’d also like to make at least a token payment for any subsequent work they do on The Last Confession. These are all talented, professional people, so if you like the look of their work, and want to see what they’ve done on the completed film, then please help!
We also need to allocate a small sum to post-production, delivery and a festival run. We believe The Last Confession is, despite it’s short running time, a genuinely cinematic experience. We hope you’ll get the chance to see it at its best, so your support will also go towards final grading, mixing and music.
We’d love for you to come on the journey of making this distinctive and deeply unsettling short, so by making a pledge you can see exclusive content and follow the production behind the scenes. Kev is also a celebrated Marvel comic book artist, so our backers also have the unique opportunity to own some incredible, personalised artwork. If you really want to get involved then the chance exists to become a producer, please contact us if you want to find out more.
Director’s statement - Dustin Murphy:

Dustin 2.jpg

As the festival director of Kino London, I’m always on the lookout for a great script within the Kino community of 1300 London based indie filmmakers. Kevin Hopgood’s The Last Confession got my attention at a Kino Writer’s group earlier this year. It was full of twists that I didn’t see coming and it stood out from the other projects in development. The following day I reached out to Kev to see if he’d be open to giving me the directing reins. To my delight he said yes, and since that day we’ve been developing the project together.
Some projects change a lot during the development process. To Kev’s credit as a writer, the source material was already so strong that little development was required. The Last Confession is a strong performance piece - Franz, a dying Nazi, is a complex character who shows little remorse for his actions at a time where it could be his last chance at redemption. We focus on the conflict that arises in the priest as he tries to perform his job of absolving this man of his sins, despite his personal judgement that Franz is beyond redemption.
We play the film as a straight drama, full of tension. The film will draw audiences in as they wonder what sins and secrets our anti-hero holds - however, our twist ending is one that you’ll never see coming. Is the confession anything more than a ruse? What does Franz want from the priest?  And how do evil men flourish?
The Team
Kevin Hopgood (Writer)

Kevin Hopgood.jpg

By day Kev is freelance illustrator and comic book artist. His best known comics credit is his three-year stint drawing the Iron Man comic book for Marvel Comics. During his time on the book he designed the War Machine and Hulkbuster characters that have since made appearances in several Marvel Studios movies. He's been writing seriously for the past three years. To date he's written five features, two stageplays, a sitcom pilot and a number of comedy shorts, some of which have been performed as part of shows put on by Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle, the Canal Cafe Theatre and Aeronaut in London, and the Churchill in Bromley. Previous films "Story Time" and "Cold Call" can be viewed here https://filmfreeway.com/StoryTime312 and here https://filmfreeway.com/ColdCall
Dustin Murphy (Director)

Dustin 1.jpg

Dustin Curtis Murphy is an award-winning writer/director with over two decades of experience in the film industry. Originally from Los Angeles, he now reside in London. His background includes several microbudget short films which focus on sociopolitical issues. NORA, premiered at the British Film Institute as the centrepiece of a TEDTalk event and has won 18 awards to date including 2 for Best Director. His previous Best Short Drama winner, AVERY ROAD, combines the issues of women’s rights and gun violence to focus on the polarization of American values and it’s impact on society. Both NORA and AVERY ROAD are available streaming on Amazon Prime Video alongside Murphy's previous film festival hit, WITHOUT REGRET.
Currently, Dustin is in post-production on his first documentary, BLAKE BYERS BROUGHT A CIGARETTE TO A GUN FIGHT - which focuses on police brutality in the US - and MONSTERS - a #MeToo Horror/Fantasy about a ghostly figure who protects a woman from sexual predators. He is also in pre-production for RUNNING FROM REALITY, a feature length female-led road trip dramedy, and has several other short and feature length projects in development.
Dustin is also the key organizer for Kino Short Film - a London based indie filmmakers collective of 1300 strong. Kino offers open-mic screenings, workshops & classes, networking opportunities, short film production support and sponsors The People’s Film Festival.
Marius Smuts (Co Producer)

Headshot copy.jpg

Marius is a a London-based filmmaker and graphic novel/comic creator.
His credits include Comic Book Kingdom, In Transit, Catface and Cushion Apocalypse. His work has won awards, and been shown at film festivals internationally, including the Cornwall Film Festival, San Gio Video Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Crystal Palace International Festival, Creative Arts Festival​, Promax Short Film Festival, AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, British Urban Film Festival,  SCI-FI LONDON and the Portobello Film Festival.
He also works on corporate shoots, commercials, music videos, documentaries, factual programmes and feature films. More of Marius’s work can be found on his website, and both In Transit and Comic Book Kingdom can be found on Amazon Prime
Joao da Silva (Director of Photography)

Joao da Silva.jpg

Joao is a member of the Portuguese Society Of Cinematographers. He's trilingual and a  RED & FS7 owner/operator. TV Trained, so can direct, light and edit single and multi-camera shoots, studio or location based. For all his undoubted technical skill Joao  believes  the craft of filmaking is all about the story and how to best tell it visually.
Paul Bassett Davies (Actor)

Paul Bassett Davies.jpg

Paul has worked as a writer, director and performer for stage, radio, TV and film, and is an author and broadcaster. He began working in multimedia theatre, before creating a series of one-man comedy shows that won awards at the Edinburgh Festival fringe.
In television Paul has worked with some of the biggest names in British comedy, writing for many popular TV series. He wrote and performed in several award-winning BBC radio shows, including his own sitcom, and a sitcom co-written with the late Jeremy Hardy. He has written six full-length radio plays, starring actors like Bill Nighy, Alison Steadman, David Hemmings, and Martin Clunes. He produced and co-wrote Do Go On, a radio series with Griff Rhys Jones and Graeme Garden, and appeared in many others.
As a screenwriter, Paul wrote the screenplay for the feature animation film The Magic Roundabout and has also written and directed award-winning short films. He has also appeared in several short films, and had small parts in TV shows for which he’s written.
Paul’s first novel Utter Folly topped the Amazon Humorous Fiction chart, and was optioned for TV. His story The Spots is one of Six Scary Stories, Selected and Introduced by Stephen King, published by Hodder. His second novel, Dead Writers in Rehab was published in 2017.
Adam Wittek (Actor)

Adam Wittek.jpg

Adam is a multilingual Polish-German actor and presenter, who trained on the BA Acting (Collaborative & Devised Theatre) course at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London and in Contemporary & Improvised Dance at Travel Art Dance Company in Melbourne.
He speaks four languages (English, German, Polish, French) and has lived in five countries (United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Poland, Sweden). Selected screen credits: The A Word (BBC, series regular), In Another Life (award-winning feature), Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators (BBC), Doctors (BBC), Pound for Pound (NBCUniversal, pilot). Selected stage credits: Terror (Trinity Theatre), The Sting (Arcola Theatre & Southwark Playhouse), Time of My Life (Tabard Theatre), Moonshine (Mercury Theatre), Rageboy (The Coopers Malthouse, Melbourne).
Rose Muirhead (Actor)

Rose Muirhead.jpg

Rose is a graduate of the International School of Screen Acting and has numerous stage, film and TV credits including The Book of Monsters, Downton Abbey, Dona & Vixen and Sex, Lattes & Hideous Dates.
Ray Calleja (Actor)


Ray is a British actor based in London. He trained mainly in theatre, reprising roles in the Tristan Bates theatre, The Harlow Playhouse, and touring in Windsor as MacBeth.
Lately, he has been working on the short film Uncle Jimmy (Brother Wolf Productions, and SURGE alongside Ben Whishaw.
Jo Chang (Make-up)


Jo is an experienced award winning make-up artist based in London, UK. She is trained in all aspects of makeup, specialising in bridal and beauty, as well as fashion, editorial, and films.
Jo has 12+ years of experience working in the industry, and has worked on numerous shows at Fashion Week in London, Australia and New Zealand. She further studied her interest in film makeup at Brushstroke School based at the Shepperton Studios. Her film work includes The Shannara Chronicles TV series (2016-), 800 Words TV series, as well as several prestigious short films, promotional and music videos.

Ask the community

We're currently looking for a location for the flashback sequences. Ideally we're looking for a grim looking basement or lock-up in or around the London area.

If you can help, please message kevhopgood directly.


Sat 9th Nov 2019, 14:30
I've ordered all the props and custumes sourced the location. We'll be shooting at The Brook Theatre in Chatham on December the 8th View update
Sun 3rd Nov 2019, 15:56
Wed 23rd Oct 2019, 16:31

One of the facts of life of indie film making is you have to get your own props. It seems you get odd stuff like this turning up in your post.

... View update

Wed 21st Aug 2019, 12:26

We'll be shooting the bulk of the film on the 31st. August in deepest Kent. View update



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