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A young woman suffering from schizophrenia tries to hide her mental condition from her boyfriend after having recently moved in together. 

'I AM' is a short film that wishes to explore schizophrenia and break the many stigmas and clichés still surrounding this mental condition. Although we live in a world where people feel freer and more comfortable talking about mental illness, there still is a long way to go, especially with less understood conditions such as schizophrenia, which is too often sensationalised and misrepresented in Hollywood movies.

As we follow the two main protagonists on a journey from struggle to acceptance, this is not only a story about schizophrenia but also shedding light on the difficulty of letting someone into your own space. 



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By contributing to this project, not only will you play a massive part in BRINGING THIS STORY TO LIFE but you'll be CONTRIBUTING TO A GREAT CAUSE BY DONATING A PERCENTAGE to CHARITIES helping people suffering from schizophrenia. 

Check out our list of rewards, anything from guidance from our award-winning team on your project to a screening with cast and crew can be bought to support our film. On top of this, for every single contribution over £30, we will be donating part of the proceeds to UK based charities helping people suffering from schizophrenia and support their incredible work. 

Backing the project is just one way that you can help make ‘I AM’ a reality. You can also help us spread the word by sharing this page on social media, or telling your friends and family about what we want to achieve - Anything that gets the message out about the film would make all the difference.

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Schizophrenia affects 20 MILLION PEOPLE WORLWIDE and more than 69% OF PEOPLE with schizophrenia ARE NOT RECEIVING APPROPRIATE CARE.

This is WHY it's SO IMPORTANT that we make this film so that we spread the word about how people learn to live with schizophrenia. The objective is to show the audience that:

1. It is possible to live with it and be happy

2. It is NOT something to be scared about 

3. It is NOT because you don't know anything about it that you shouldn't look it up

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We're looking to raise £10,000 to cover part of the shoot production through Greenlit crowdfunding. We have applied for a grant through Arts Council and will be raising more money

at a later point for the post-production and festival process to help finalise our beautiful film before 2021 starts.

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If possible, we'd love to organise a Q&A before our screening with members from charities joining the panel and answering your questions to break the stigmas on schizophrenia. 

SO if you want to learn about GABI'S WORLD, laugh and cry with her and be a part of a movie that is so HUMAN and AUTHENTIC then please HELP US by contributing to this project and raise the money we need to make an AMAZING and HEARTWARMING film.

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Ludovica Musumeci is a London-based multi-award-winning Director, Writer and Producer, as well as a published author. Born and raised in Sicily, after graduating in Business and Economics her passion for films brought her to London. In only three and a half years, Ludovica has been working as Producer and Director on more than 40 productions in various genres both in a commercial and a creative setting, ranging from documentaries to animations. Currently working as a Creative Producer at Box Media, Ludovica collaborates with Emmy- and Academy-nominated artists, shaping the future of learning through high-quality productions.


Oriane Pick is an award-winning French actress and producer who has appeared in numerous award-nominated short films, web series and commercials. 

2019 saw the release of the multi-award nominated short film 'Say Your Name’, her first project as a producer which is now available on Amazon Prime, and where Oriane plays the tormented lead for which she received two Best Actress nominations, amongst Best Short Films nominations.

In 2020 Oriane co-founded Candid Broad Productions, which aims to produce unheard and impactful female-led stories. Her first production under the new company was the award-winning web series 'Call It a Day'. Serving as Showrunner and lead in the series, it has so far garnered over 20,000 views, multiple festival selections, and won Oriane the Grand Jury Actress Award from Oniros Film Awards 2020. Oriane will be playing lead character Gabi in  'I AM'. 


Beatriz Delgado Mena is an award-winning Director of Photography.  After several years studying film in Spain and The Netherlands, Beatriz decided to settle down in United Kingdom to focus on the film industry as a cinematographer and her work can be already seen in several feature films, shorts, fashion films and commercials. Based in London, Beatriz has been able to explore the power of cinematography in fashion and film developing a genuine ability to adjust her style to different visions and stories. Her work as Director of Photography always aims to establish the best possible connection between audience and moving image through emotion and method. Beatriz's website is here.


Rachel Mariam is an actress, writer, producer, and singer. She studied Theatre & Filmmaking at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, before moving to London at the end of 2018. Since then, she had the great opportunity to work with Academy Award nominated Director Lenny Abrahamson on a speaking role for BBC TV series "Normal People". She also wrote, produced and starred as the lead in webseries "Call It a Day", which gathered thousands of views and is currently earning multiple nominations and awards in the 2020 festival circuit as well as being pitched to networks and streaming platforms. As a writer, she has been recently selected out of 3000 scripts to be a quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship for her feature film ‘Juliet Is Fine’, with which she is currently also a semi finalist (Top 25 Features) competing against no other than Shia LeBoeuf (Honey Boy) in the Save The Cat Screenplay Challenge. Rachel Mariam is the official writer of  'I AM'.



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Heather Basten began in the industry at the BFI. Since moving into casting swiftly after this, she has cast for notable directors such as Rob Savage, Joan Fuentelsaz and Charlotte Regan. Past clients include Fox TV, Delaval Films, Sky Arts and DMC Films, as well as having films screened at Sundance and the BFI London Film Festival.

Past associate works include Netflix’s ‘The End Of The Fucking World’, BFI’s ‘PIN CUSHION’, Short 'No more wings' (WINNER of Tribeca Film Festival for 'Best Narrative Short') and Feature film 'The Lighthouse' featuring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson.


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Zyrenka Cox is a Casting Director working in Film & TV, and commercials. Her latest credits include the award-nominated short film 'Lily Meets Charlie' starring Barry Ward and 'Sex Education' Netflix renowned actress Tanya Reynolds. 


We will be shooting in two locations across 3 days, in a flat located in London where most of the story will take place, as well as on Mersea Beach to capture one of the  most important scenes of this film. 



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If you wish to watch the full length video explaining the project in more details with visual references, here it is:



Ask the community

If you have a mansion or a big London flat we could use, that would be amazing.

If you are a clothes company we would love to use your brand to dress our actors, you will, of course, get full credits.

If you have a van and could help move cast and crew from our London location to the beach location, please let us know. We will of course pay you for the day. 

Anyone who wants to be a runner on set and help ensure the set remains clean and follows the COVID-19 H&S regulations, please get in touch!  If you feel you can help, please message Candid Broads Productions directly.

If you can help, please message Candid Broads Productions directly.


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We're so pleased to announce that we have received so much incredible support from the community, including  TED Talk speaker and Mental Health activist Cecilia Mcgough, as well as Michelle Hammer ... View update

Sat 12th Sep 2020, 15:18

Hi everyone, 

Hope you're all keeping safe!

This is a quick update to thank you again so much for your amazing support!!! We're now at 45% FUNDED! 
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Wed 5th Aug 2020, 18:58

Hi everyone, 

We have an AMAZING NEWS for a Wednesday! We have now cast an amazing and super cool actress called IZUKA HOYLE! 

Here's a little bio of her: ... View update

Fri 24th Jul 2020, 16:08

Hi everyone,

This is a quick update to thank you once again for your amazing support! We couldn't be more thrilled with where we are with the campaign so far and that's ... View update



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You can make a pledge to support I AM without a reward. The minimum donation is £1.00.
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We can’t thank you enough. You’ll be getting a ‘Special Thanks’ in the credits of the film as well as picking between a digitally signed poster or an exclusive illustration from our Illustrator, Laura Deehan.
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For being a kind supportive soul, you will appear in the ‘Special Thanks’ in the credits of the film and you will also receive an exclusive link to the watching party, followed by a Q&A. We will send you by email a digitally signed poster or an exclusive illustration of the film by our amazing Illustrator Laura Deehan and we will also tell you a fun fact about shooting 'I AM'. And if this is not enough, a percentage of your donation will be given to charity!
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For all the film lovers out there, this is for you! You will have the chance to get a digital signed poster and a copy of the script with the number one advice from our award-nominated screenwriter. You will also be invited to an exclusive watching party of ‘I AM’, followed by a Q&A. Finally, you will receive a 'Thank You' video from us as well as appear in the ‘Special Thanks’ credits. Last but not least, a percentage of your donation will contribute to a great cause and will be donated to charity.
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This package is full of production goodies. You will receive a signed digital copy of the script, the signed digital poster, an exclusive film illustration by Laura Deehan as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. When the film is complete, you will be invited to an exclusive watching party of ‘I AM’, followed by a Q&A. To thank you for your awesome generosity, we will send you a ‘thank you’ video and you will appear in the ‘Special Thanks’ credits of the film. What's more? a percentage of your donation will help an amazing charity.
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In addition to the rewards above, a 30 minute online one-to-one film project advice has been set up for you. You will be sent the film’s script by email for our amazing experts to bring you along in the process of creating the film. The session ranges from acting, producing, directing to screenwriting with Oriane (Producer & Actor), Ludovica (Director) and Rachel (Screenwriter). This one-to-one is not limited to one specific topic. Plus, we will donate a percentage of this pledge to charity.
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Become our Associate Producer! As part of the crew, you will officially be credited on IMDb and you will receive the digital downloadable package. Wherever you are in the world, you will assist virtually to the Film Premiere, including an exclusive live Q&A with the cast, crew and members from charities. You will have the chance to submit your question ahead. Plus, we will donate a percentage of your pledge to charity.
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Be our Executive Producer! You will officially be credited on IMDb and you will receive the digital downloadable package. If the premiere can happen, you will be sent two tickets to both the Premiere and the After Party. This means you will have the exciting chance to meet the actors and the crew and ask them burning questions during our exclusive live Q&A. Members of the charity will also join the panel to answer some of your questions about schizophrenia. What’s better? £50 of your pledge will also be donated to charity. Note that due to COVID-19, physical presence might not be guaranteed and if so, a virtual premiere will be organized for you, where you will have the opportunity to talk with the cast and crew.
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