• Forgiveness is hard, and the worst is yet to come.

Follow Me Down is a feature-length film produced by The Dazey Hills Company, exploring the seedy underbelly of British crime and what lengths a father will go to protect his daughter.


After his ex wife dies of an accidental overdose, lone wolf Joe (Geoff Kinch) desperately tries to rekindle a relationship with his daughter Lizzie (Abbie Hills), after ten years apart. However, Joe soon discovers that Lizzie has inherited her mother’s debt to a ruthless local gangster, and he wants Lizzie to repay it. 

Co-starring Elliott Wright, Jack White,Antony Knight and David Pilgrim, Follow Me Down will be filmed in South West England, UK. Using only local talent and businesses, The Dazey Hills Company hopes to use their platform to help support and give back to the local community while bringing the story to life. 

As with our other productions, we will be producing an original soundtrack for you to enjoy, led by Geoff Kinch.

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“Follow Me Down is exactly the type of film I love to make. It blends the genre of British crime drama with realistic, in-depth characters who are dealing with issues many of us can relate to, such as dysfunctional families, strained relationships and grief. From first working on the concept, to now getting stuck into the pre-production stages, this project has been created and developed through the cast and crew's passion to tell this story and love for filmmaking. Having previously directed a number of short films and music videos, I’m so excited to have such an interesting script and fantastic crew backing me in my feature film directorial debut.

I think it’s truly a joy to be a filmmaker and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to bring fantastic stories such as this to life. I can’t wait to begin filming this project and would like to thank anyone who chooses to support Dazey Hills and the production of Follow Me Down.”

- Ryan Francis - Hume 


Follow Me Down takes the gritty backdrop of working class britain, and uses it to explore the boundaries of a father / daughter bond. The core of our story revolves around our protagonist Joe, a strong silent type who wants to make amends, and his daughter Lizzie, a loud-mouthed yet vulnerable 16 year old. When Lizzie’s Mother suddenly dies from an overdose, the pair are catapulted back into each other’s lives after ten years apart. Lizzie begins to question her beliefs as she starts to unravel the truth behind her father’s absence. When Joe discovers that a bounty has been put on his daughter's head by an infamous local gangster, he’s forced to step up and finally be a father to Lizzie.

Estranged family relationships are a very real issue for many people, and in this piece we wanted to convey the struggles of rekindling a father daughter bond that should come naturally, while exploring the gritty world of British crime and the dark consequences that come with this. 


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Pictures paint a thousand words. Take a look at some images from our location recess and costume ideas. With the help of local businesses such as The Jolly Sailor Pub, Orange Rooms, and Clubhouse Garms we are able to create an authentic, British drama.

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Lizzie [played by Abbie Hills, Bunker 27, Texas Radio, Fabric of The Royals] On the surface, Lizzie is a rebellious, arrogant 16 year old who doesn’t care for anyone but herself. However, we soon discover underneath this persona, Lizzie is just a damaged teenager struggling to come to terms with the sudden death of her mother. With nowhere to go, she is forced to stay with her absent father and try to make amends after having no contact for ten years. Little does Lizzie know, letting her dad back in, might just be her lifeline.

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Billy [played by newcomer Elliott Wright]

Billy is a local small time drug dealer, as well as being Lizzie’s boyfriend. Despite having a good heart deep down he lacks any common sense and his poor choices are usually fuelled by his drug addiction.


Screenshot 2020-07-19 at 15.52.13.png

Ali [played by Jack White, Texas Radio]

Son of a notorious gangster, Ali is young, unhinged and has something to prove. With his father finally giving him the responsibility of managing one of his nightclubs ‘Orange’,  Ali slowly spirals into madness with this new found power, threatening to destroy anyone who gets in his way.


Joe [played by Geoff Kinch, Texas Radio, Night Terrors, Catflap]

Never having the chance to be a father to Lizzie, Joe’s main priority is making up for lost time with his daughter, but finds himself wrapped up in a world that he thought he had left behind.                                            

tony final.jpg

Tony [played by Rob Preston, Martyr’s Lane

Has recently gone on a well deserved retirement to Ibiza, where he is the proud owner of a beach bar.  Trouble in paradise interrupts his new life, as he finds himself liable for his son’s stupid mistakes

Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 20.55.08.png

Mitch [played by David Pilgrim, supporting artist in high end films such as The Kingsman

 Made a promise to Tony to keep an eye on his son, and now finds himself begrudgingly babysitting an egomaniac 21 year old  

Screenshot 2020-07-19 at 15.51.51.png

[played by Antony Knight, I am an Addict]

is Joe’s best friend, and reformed nice guy - he joins Joe on the quest to save his daughter, but soon gets back into old habits.


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At Dazey Hills, we're so proud to have such a passionate, tight knit crew. All of our production crew are professionally  trained  in their respective fields, while also carrying a multitude of hands on experience. We pride ourselves in having a  professional  production crew, who are able to easily translate each other's visions into their own work, while also being  part  of The  Dazey Hills family. 

ABBIE HILLS  [Producer / Writer / Actor] is the founder of The Dazey Hills Company , with experience in producing,  acting  and art direction. Holding a BA in Film, and a Masters Degree in Arts Management, Abbie is so thrilled to have the   chance to bring filmmakers together through Dazey Hills and use her passion to help other creatives.

GEOFF KINCH [Writer / Producer / Composer] began his journey as an Actor with Dazey Hills, while continuing his  musical journey in his band The Thudpuckers, while also creating award winning soundtracks for the likes of Texas Radio short film. Geoff created the story for Follow Me Down, and has put his trust in the team to bring his vision to life while he  stars in the film as Joe. 

RYAN FRANCIS - HUME [Director]  

Since graduating from Solent University with a BA in Film, Ryan has become an Executive Consultant at Dazey Hills. He regularly assists with casting, oversees scripts through development in pre-production, alongside directing multiple projects in house and beyond. Outside of Dazey Hills, Ryan has already made a name for himself through directing and creating music videos, while also being in the process of teaching himself animation. 

CONNOR WRIGHT [Camera Operator] 

While studying Film at Solent University, Connor has experience as a Camera Operator, Cinematographer and Photographer. Connor has experience in a variety of genres, and is now looking forward to creating a social realist drama. "The reason why I love filmmaking and cinematography is purely because of the idea that we as filmmakers are effectively painting pictures in the dark for people to see, for them they see a moving image on screen that controls the emotions.  I love watching films, don’t get me wrong but the sheer determination and skill that goes into creating a film is amazing to me. We are visual painters, creating captivating images through all forms of art to help many people escape from the real world, to help them find stories they can relate to and enjoy which I find beautiful"

LOUISE GIDDINGS [Assistant Producer / Script Supervisor] 

Obtaining a BA in Screenwriting from Bournemouth University, Louise has always had a passion for all things film and TV. Having worked in TV Production for a number of years, she recently decided to pursue her dream of writing full time and was thrilled to join Dazey Hills as their in house Screenwriter. When she’s not writing, you’ll normally find Louise at a local garden centre trying to resist from buying yet another houseplant (she’s run out of room). 


studied Sound Engineering (ITES BARCELONA) and then BA Music Production at Solent University. Adria’s experience spreads across Audio Engineering, Sound Recording, and Composing for live events, short films, and international productions. Adria worked on Texas Radio with the rest of The Dazey Hills Company and his expertise contributed to the award winning soundtrack of the short film. Adria will be joining the team of Follow Me Down for on set sound, and post production. 

KENNETH COX [Runner / Production Assistant] 

Since joining Dazey Hills when he was just 16, Kenny has helped out on numerous projects as a runner and production assistant.Kenny’s knowledge of film and production instantly blew the team away and we quickly couldn’t imagine a production without him! Two years on, Kenny  is now studying for his A Levels in Film Production and Art and Dazey Hills is so pleased to have him back as part of the team for Follow Me Down.  


Is the creator of a collaborative based brand named CLUBHOUSE COLLECTIVE. Surrounding himself in Art, Fashion and Music he finds that collaborations are the strongest form of creativity.


Here at Dazey Hills, we believe that great talent lies locally. Since starting the Talent Agency come Production Company in 2019, Dazey Hills have made it their mission to put the local community at the heart of their projects, creating new opportunities for underrepresented talent within Hampshire and continuously collaborating with upcoming, independent businesses. As well as this, Dazey Hills forever aims to champion diversity within the Film and TV Industry through their characters, actors and crew. 

We are fortunate to have the support of local brands and business within our local area, such as clothing brand Clubhouse Collective, charming local pub The Jolly Sailor, eclectic music venue and night club Orange Rooms, and our good friends and fellow production company  Trash Arts


Our crew are currently deep in the stages of pre-production, and we’re so grateful to anyone that would like to support our project! To show our appreciation, we’ve lovingly hand picked a number of incentives that we hope reflect our utmost gratitude to anyone who chooses to donate. Your donation will ensure that the production will run as smoothly as possible;covering food the cast and crew, equipment hire, and helping support local talent and businesses involved in the film.

We have a variety of perks available, including two T-shirts, designed for the campaign and the film. 

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Currently, the most prominent risk for filmmakers is the impact and prevention of Covid 19. Only recently have the doors to filmmaking been opened again in the UK, and although the filming of Follow Me Down will be taking place later in the year, we acknowledge that the cast and crew must still take precautions. Throughout pre-production and filming process, Dazey Hills top priority is the safety of our team and the general public. We will conduct any activity, on or off set, in accordance to the governments safety guidelines. Additionally, as a minimum requirement, all of the crew must complete the Covid 19 screenskills online course. 

The story of Follow Me Down touches on sensitive themes such as addiction, death and kidnapping. We will handle these themes with the utmost care, telling the story without causing distress to the cast, crew or general public. 

In addition, we will be using prop firearms, and also be including fight sequences in our production. We have already made preparations with health and safety personnel to join us on set, in addition to notifying the local authorities. We are so excited to shoot these scenes, but fully understand the details and organisation that need to go into them in order to make them safe, non disruptive and effective in the final product.

Thank you, 

The Dazey Hills Company, and friends. 

 We do hope you will join us on our journey of creating Follow Me Down. We have opted for flexible funding with Greenlit, meaning that no matter what we raise, we will be able to use your donations  towards our production. As many of us are Film graduates, we all know the frugality needed to make a film on a low budget, and we are confident that whatever we raise, we will still be able to deliver a quality product. 

PLEASE NOTE: All Perks will be shipped after the campaign end date.

If you have any questions about the campaign, the perks or anything else then please do get in touch via our social media channels @thedazeyhillsco or via email at contact@thedazeyhillscompany.co.uk.


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Good luck everyone, have fun making your movie! (particularly Connor, Ryan and Elliott: I know you'll make the Solent film sqaud proud <3)
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