• When a mysterious Stranger approaches Tom with an unusual offer, the struggling dad faces a life-altering, or even life-destroying decision.




Thu 30th Jul 2020, 12:01

Thanks once again to our incredible Supporters for all their kind donations which have gone towards further realising our film.

We are overwhelmed by such generosity and couldn’t have imagined it possible to reach our goal in the first six days.

The privilege of securing our funds has allowed us to hone in and ask ourselves, how can we make our film even better?

After a fine tune up of the script we realised we could enhance the look and feel of our film in a number of ways:

- Hiring a Production Designer

- Introducing steadicam shots

- Giving Richard our DoP the crew he needs to fully realise our vision.

- Adding prep days for our Heads of Department

- Committing to a 3 day shoot instead of trying to make it happen in 2 days.

All these things will stretch our budget to its limits. So with advice from the lovely people at Greenlit we have decided to extend our target to £8000 to incorporate our new stretch goal. This means we still have nearly two weeks to achieve this and make an even better film.

Along with these new developments and exciting goals it was brought to our attention that our title Push The Button was also held by another project with some similar themes. So to make things clearer and differentiate ourselves entirely we have taken the natural step to rename our film.

Our film will now be called Fellow Creatures. It is taken from the Chateaubriand quote that you can read at the top of our page. This enigmatic quote along with the powerful question at the heart of The Mandarin Paradox go hand in hand and are the creative evolution of the film, encapsulating the ideas we are seeking to explore.

We’re very excited with this development! Not only does Fellow Creatures beautifully express so many elements of the film, it also suggests a notion of global community we want to feel. We are all connected. We should all look out for each other. How much is a single life worth?

Thank you Fellow Creature

Wed 29th Jul 2020, 18:23

Keep your eyes peeled for an important update very soon.

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Receive a private viewing link to the film on the night of the cast and crew screening, so wherever you are, you can join us in watching the film for the first time
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Executive Producer credit and dinner out with The Shotley Collective - Jamie Glover, Jonathan Kerrigan and Jason Merrells.
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