• In a world where anyone can be a superhero, we find there are, well... a lot of shit super heroes out there.


Enter The Agency - Episode III - Hello Gerald!


Thanks for stopping by, I'm Matt & I'm currently creating superhero mockumentary series with 3 episodes produced already on zero budget.

​​​​​I aim to make Episode IV around 20+ minutes long, I & II are a little shorter due to the format they were shot in for the contests. I would be looking for the money to create - release & promote the series whilst taking it round the festival circuit.

You can watch episodes 1, 2 & 3 here, they will do far better than me at showing you the concept:

Enter The Agency Episode I - An Origin Story... Or not?

Enter The Agency Episode II - A Day in the Life

Enter The Agency Episode III - Not Again Gerald


What are the consequences of being a hero, do your actions cause too much collateral damage, do you hurt more people than you save? If that person is you then I'm afraid the Agency will have to intervene and bring you in for detention & questioning. Our "heroes" are the 2 agency hound dogs - Elsie & Sara, they help keep the Agencies rep squeaky clean whilst taking care of the mess produced from an out of control, frankly ridiculous hiring system.

The Agency is an overarching recruitment centre for Heroes, anyone can sign up and do their duty, finding lost cats, fighting muggers or, if they rank highly on their aptitude tests, dealing with international terrorist threats & beyond.


Scene 1 - Storyboard


Enter the Agency - Episode III - Hello Gerald (storyboard)

Elsie is a bubbly, chatty fun character and always likes to be right or at least laughing her way through her job. Sara is an American recruit, sarcastic, reckless... and ruthless, no-one can tell her no or get in her way when her mind is on the job.

John the leader of the organisation is a ruthless dictator, dealing with problems swiftly & decisively. With the help of Elsie, Sara & their mysterious abilities - no-one can stand in the way.

Gerald is our unsuspecting superhero, a politely mannered dithering mad scientist who, with all the intention of good in the world, can't seem to get his villain defeating abilities refined enough. 


Along side our talented crew, I have the pleasure of introducing our current cast list.


Feel free to check out me & my team's other films / channel.



Wed 26th Aug 2020, 12:08

After surviving his ordeal in the botany lab during lockdown, Gerald awakens to find himself a little out of sorts with the world.

Introducing Christopher James, I have worked with ... View update



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