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    A disabled father and his son try to buy drugs so the Dad can dance with his wife... what could possibly go wrong?


We've reached our target! Yayyyyyyy!

Sun 24th Nov 2019, 17:21

After a whirlwind 12 days we've reached our target, broken records and had the pleasure of hearing from our backers about how passionate you all are for this film. We've had support from friends, family, the Parkinson's disease community and everyone else in between. Words can't describe how truly grateful we are so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now that we've reached our target we can officially make our movie! We've been blown away by your kindness, especially as this project is so close to our hearts. From the start we've set out to create a story about my Dad, who's lived with Parkinson's disease for the last 20 years. We want to tell a story about disability and care that's different and raise a whole lot of awareness for Parkinson's disease along the way. But's what's next with our campaign I hear you ask? Well...

With time left on our campaign we're going to up our target to £10,000 so we can make an even better movie! We really didn't expect this level of support and we knew going in that £8,500 was the minimum needed to make our film, but raising an extra £1,500 will go a long way and give us the flexibility to do so much more.

So, if you still want to be part of our story you can and if you've already backed us (legends) and you're up for it, please help us spread and share the word even further. If by some miracle we get above this target, we're going to increase the percentage of donation so that a WHOPPING 50% of all money raised over the £10k mark will go to Parkinson's research. So this is your chance to support a movie and research into a cure all at once. We have the opportunity to do so much more for Parkinson's disease awareness and if we can do that, we're going to try! 

Thank you and much love from Grant and the whole Ecstasy team.

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