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KEVIN AND PERRY GO LARGE's - Music Supervisors join the team!

Mon 18th Nov 2019, 10:51
Happy Monday all! We're 46% backed and have had a whopping 101 backers in the space of 6 days. The support, enthusiam and passion we've had from all of you has been nothing short of spectacular. We can't thank you enough, but we're going to anyway... THANK YOU!!!

The big news today is that the music supervisors of the classic Brit flick KEVIN AND PERRY GO LARGE have joined our team. New State are the record label behind acts such as Dirty Vegas, the Stanton Warriors, Kinobe, Paul Oakenfold and Zero 7! And they're going to help us find ONE banging anthem for the finale in our film. How exciting.

Grant our writer & director has made a few music videos with New State this year and came across the Kevin and Perry 100,000 CD Sales frame on the wall at their offices. Shocked by this revelation he talked to the team and it turns out that they have their own family connections with Parkinson's disease and were more than happy to come on board to help bring our film to life. And here's some gossip... apparently every time Kevin and Perry plays on TV a few more CDs and downloads fly off the shelves. Honestly check out the soundtrack, it's full of absolute classics. 

With 54% to go we're going to need your help more than ever. We've had an electric start but your support, word of mouth, sharing and caring all make a difference. We're in the make it or break it phase. When it comes to this film 'All we wanna do is do it!' And we need you!

Here's some Kevin and Perry Magic for you! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9toG8kNq9k

Have a great week!

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