• A disabled father and his son try to buy drugs so the Dad can dance with his wife... what could possibly go wrong?




Fri 3rd Jul 2020, 11:21
To celebrate our lead actor Nathan Bryon's birthday and hitting 93% in our funding we've got a lovely Q&A with the man, the myth, the legend...

Your credit list over the years has been insane, Some Girls, Benidorm, and rumor has it that you’ve got a tasty sky one show coming out soon, what are the types of stories that you love being a part of?

Oooooooooh I love making people laugh that was the only reason at first I wanted to act! So ideally funny but I also love heartwarming stuff like our ecstasy story which has a bit of it all 

Let’s be honest, how does filming Benidorm in Spain compare to filming in deepest darkest south east London making a short film.

Well…. I can confirm there were no sun loungers on set…. And I was most deffo not in my swimming costume. So let's say very different but both were an amazing time. 

Take yourself back to the shoot. Everything started massively late, Grant had a big vein popping out of his head and then the heavens opened… What are your stand out memories from it? 

I love making films, I am a filmmaker at heart so when things go wrong, I think you all come together and work harder, I mean the crew worked incredibly hard both days so I loved seeing us all coming together as a team. I loved filming the end scene which was super beautiful. I loved weird stuff like eating the amazing dinner with everyone in the middle of the shoot when it was all going wild hahahah 

You were part of this from the get-go, giving notes on the story and every one of the 17 drafts, what’s it like developing a movie, and helping out a friend and collaborator who you’ve co-written with. 

I love it grant as a creator is SO open to notes and ideas and suggestions in fact way more open than I am as a writer, he is brilliant, he knows he wants to tell the best story possible so his passion for the project was leading me, it was awesome seeing this project come alive! It was amazing to see how many people were touched by the crowdfunding campaign so I hope we have done them all justice. 

So you play ‘Kristian’ the wonderful son who has no idea what is about to go down. Give us a sneak peek into Kristian and the joys of playing a character like that.

Kristian is a really sweet guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, in recent months years he has been doing his own thing because his dad’s Parkinson's has got really tough but he has come home and has a bit of guilt for being distance, he is really protective of his dad and wants the best for him, but has no idea where this is going. 

What was it like acting opposite the likes of Brian Bovell, Holli Dempsey, Hilary Tones and Laura June Hudson? (P.S) Don't give away who Laura June is, please.

The most joy! The most talented beautiful bunch! I would love to do it again and again! 

No spoilers yeah, but you’ve seen the temp cut of ecstasy, what do you think audiences should prepare themselves for?

A really flipping heartwarming story with loads of twists and turns you will not see coming! 

Being shamelessly unbiased if ecstasy were to become a feature film what would you like to see?

MORE DRUGS hahahahaha! They go to a festival - the dad gets backstage using his disability pass and gets fucked on drugs Kristian has to go and save him 

How do you think this movie deals with disability and Parkinson’s disease?

What I love about this movie is, that Grant has made this very personal story and has used his experience with his dad who lives with Parkinson's and that comes out in the film. He educated me loads about it during the process of it! Also hanging out with grant’s dad you learn how he lives with it whilst at times may be tough he lives with so much joy and the film is full of joy. 

Could you imagine yourself and your Dad going on a drug deal?

No my dad was cop for like 4 years, that could never work. 


Our crowdfunding campaign is going strong and if you can share the link with everyone you know we will be eternally grateful - https://greenlit.fund/project/ecstasy
If every one of our backers can get 1 friend to donate £5 we will have reached our target and beyond!

Tue 30th Jun 2020, 8:53
Hello hello, you wonderful people, thank you once more for your incredible support with our short film. 

Earlier this morning we hit our target thanks to some super special high-end backers over the last few days. As I was changing my daughter's nappy at 5 am this morning an email update came in and I danced (quietly) with joy!

Crunching numbers and considering the current situation, we have decided to extend our target because we need to make sure that we are 100% COVID secure. This means hiring in some toilets (because the nursery we used last time will not let us use their facilities time around), acquiring PPE, and all kinds of other stuff (wipes, hand sanitizer, etc). Even though our shoot is outside and most of the cast and crew are young-ish, we can't take any chances so an improved budget will give us greater flexibility. The COVID situation throws a whole heap of stuff at most workplaces and a film shoot is no different. As a predominantly self-employed industry that has ground to a standstill for 3 months + your help in promoting and biggin-up our film and reaching our new target and beyond will help us to be as safe as possible and pay our cast and crew some much-needed income that they haven't had since March.

Thank you everyone and have a great day!

Mon 29th Jun 2020, 12:07
Hey everyone! We're now 90% funded putting us in an AMAZING position with 11 days to go.

At 2pm today, I (Grant) am going LIVE on the greenlit Facebook page to talk all things filmmaking, ecstasy may feature heavily, if you have the time you'll find the link here - https://www.facebook.com/greenlitfund - See ya later!!!
Wed 24th Jun 2020, 10:07

Ecstasy Trailer with crowdfunder end

Happy Wednesday everyone! We're delighted to show you the trailer for ecstasy. It's got it all and we'd love it if you could share it far and wide.

We've been working hard throughout the lockdown period, editing the movie as much as we can without the extra day of filming we so desperately need. We've made every bit of footage and outtakes stretch as far as humanly possible but there are some gaps we need to fill in order to make the film even more incredible. It truly is a wonderful film and we cannot wait to share it all with you! If you can share our crowdfunding page with anyone and everyone we will love you forever! We need to raise £200 a day over the next 16 days. Yesterday was a great day and we're now 60% funded!

Tue 23rd Jun 2020, 11:43
We'll set the scene... It's March and we're 50% funded in 6 magnificent days of crowdfunding and we're one week away from a day of filming where we can complete our short film. Things had got in the way of the first shoot... BIBLICAL rain, flat tyres and we're up against it because now the car park we HAVE to film in is about to get demolished and beards might get shaved off. We were so close to completing our dream and then... COVID happened. So we stopped everything.

Months have passed, I'm now a Dad and things look like they're opening up again and with that, we're relighting the ecstasy fire. At 2pm TODAY we're releasing the trailer for ecstasy and kick-starting our crowdfunding campaign, trying to raise the final £3500 that will allow us to complete the movie. Just like before a portion of money raised will go directly towards Parkinson's disease research. If you can help us to spread the word we will be forever grateful. 

We hope you like the trailer!

Mon 23rd Mar 2020, 9:50
Now you all might be wondering... with the Covid 19 pandemic, what's happening with Ecstasy.

After months of development and planning we shot our film in January this year. It was amazing but we ran into some issues on the shoot, leaving the film 70% complete. So, we set out a masterplan to go back for one more day to film the shots that we couldn't capture initially and we had to do it fast before world Parkinson's day on April 11th and the car park which we HAVE to film in... gets demolished.

When things changed last Monday in the UK our heads were seriously put into a spin and we've been debating what to do ever since. It felt right to pause PR-ing our crowdfunding efforts, which we're going AMAZING (We hit 50% of our target in 6 days!). As people had different priorities on their minds. But the question remained... should we shoot on March 25th? Fundamentally government advice was that we could still work and as I've been cycling to work each day I've seen that construction sites haven't changed at all which means that the car park will still get demolished.

But this week you may have seen in the news that near enough every UK filming production has ceased, from Eastenders to Hollywood movies. The scenes we need to film involve being in close proximity with 3 members of the team inside a small car! Knowing that members of the cast and crew live with parents and interaction on our part whilst filming is unavoidable (I mean how can a makeup artist social distance?), it just hasn't felt right. More than anything I wanted to be able to pay the film crew because in the space of a few weeks every single one of us has seen our schedules and film shoots evaporate in front of our very eyes. It is certainly the toughest of times for us freelancers because with little to no income and rent to pay difficult times lay ahead.

With all this in mind we made the decision to postpone our filming day which means that we can't complete the film, for now, also without the money raised it's simply not possible financially. Secretly I'd hoped to complete the film before my first child arrives in May, but clearly this won't be the case.

So this is where we are... We're set to go as soon as the tides change and once we're through this and there's a return to normality rest assured that we'll crowdfund the remainder of our target and complete our film. In the meantime stay safe, keep spirits high and exercise where you can. I'll try and provide some updates on the amazing parts of the movie that have taken place so far with stories from our rain-drenched set. It might be a nice relief to hear something else! Our ambition will be to do a big screening on World Parkinson's day 2021 where you'll laugh, cry and dance in your seat! We promise it will be worth the wait! 

Ecstasy Poster with tagline.jpg

Wed 11th Mar 2020, 8:41
You're all clued up by now, but to summarise, we filmed our movie in January and ran into some BIG problems. A burst tyre set off a chain of unfortunate events that led to a 4 hour delay and then the BIBLICAl rain came, it was so intense the we had to turn our microphones off and I had to use carrier bags for socks to keep my feet dry. All our hopes and dreams were flooded away and so now we have to go back to film for one more night. The movie is 70% complete and looking epic. Those of us that have seen the current edit of the film laughed and cried. It's a powerful movie full of hope and a movie about diability like no other.

We are 10% funded which is an incredible start! And we are only 90% away from filming on March 25th and completing our movie. It's a race against time to film in the critical car park location before it is literally DEMOLISHED. Apparently it's being turned into a boating centre, who knew (we didn't). We can do it, so please share and convince your friends, family and randoms on the street that this movie will be worth it. Just like before a portion of the money raised is going towards Parkinson's research. We're sticking to our values and that is to raise awareness about Parkinson's disease in the best way possible.

So let's talke about Brian Bovell and the character he plays... IAN. Here's a short excerpt from our script:

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 08.40.53.png

During our last crowdfunding campaign a lot of you thought that my Dad, Bob, would be playing the lead role. I tried to message all of you who thought that to let you know that this wasn't the case. My Dad is an inspiration guy, full of warmth and positivity, but he isn't an actor. We were always going to need a phenomenal talent to play the role of Ian. Brian Bovell has been a mainstay on British television since the 80s. He's been in the BBC's Prospects, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, The Missing, Gimme Gimme Gimme and Hollywood Blockbusters such as Pan. He's seriously talented and I was lucky enough to see him in an amazing play called 'A season in the Congo' at the Young Vic a few years ago. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 17.04.05.png

Parkinson's disease is a really difficult condition to portray on film, because according to my Dad 'We don't really do much'. There's this mantra - 'Physical difficulty in film is boring' - And without a physical obstacle like a car driving at you, this maxim is true. So don't worry we wrote the best script we could to show off all the nuances of Parkinson's just right. The drugs you take, switching on and switching off, our film shows it all. But how exactly was Brian going to play someone with Parkinson's? Well he needed a teacher didn't he. And who better than my Dad, Bob.

IMG_7999 2 copy.jpg

We had a one day rehearsal with Brian and Nathan and the first half of the day my Dad was able to explain what Parkinson's is like. He tries to explain it by getting you to perform an action. Stand up and lift your finger to your nose and back again. It's easy right! But NOW, do it again but on the way up restrict your muscles and pull your arm down to the ground as you do it. And on the way down keep your muscles trying to keep your arm up. This is physically what Parkinson's feels like. Every muscle in your body working against the natural flow. We asked questions, we got Bob's advice on how to walk and what it feels like. And it was wonderful to see the connection that Brian and my Dad created. You could tell that Brian wanted to get it right and honour him and with each take in the role I could see that he was methodically forcing all the muscles in his body to tense up. This is what people with Parkinson's live with every single moment but believe me when I tell you, Brian got it right. According to my Dad 'He had a great teacher' - We can't wait for you to see his performance!




Tue 10th Mar 2020, 8:59
SO here it is… the big Ecstasy UPDATE ALERT. It’s long, fun… potentially emotional. So here goes…

For those of you that don’t want to read a seriously long update you can watch a 4 minute video here: https://greenlit.fund/project/ecstasy

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 16.45.36.png

The big news, the BIG BIG NEWS is that on January 27-28th we shot Ecstasy. We’d been planning throughout the crowdfund and all over Christmas and finalising in January and here we were, 2 days to capture movie magic. But before that, let’s talk about casting…

After the crowdfund ended we had a myriad of things to plan. But finding our cast was the most important one. We knew going in that we wanted amazing actors to be involved. We had Nathan. Nathan’s incredible, but we needed more. Enter Heather Basten. A casting agent extraordinaire. Now outside of adverts this was new territory for me. We’d planned in our budget to use a casting agent as a way to make our movie even better. It can be really difficult to get talented people to come onboard a short film. The hours are long, the pay is low and I’m not Spielberg… yet.

So what exactly does a casting agent do? Well, they read the script and come up with ideas for the roles, they find you talented people, make the connections with their agents and try to convince them to work for equity minimum on a shoot in deepest darkest South East London, half filmed at night with the prospect of rain. But boy did Heather deliver. We were lucky enough to cast Brian Bovell (The Missing, The Bill, Gimme Gimme, Gimme) Holli Dempsey (Black Mirror, Harlots, The Aliens, Derek) Laura Jane-Hudson (Derek, Johnny English Strikes Back, Four Weddings and a Funeral), Hilary Tones (Bliss! Eastenders, Doctors) all combined with a spectacular cameo from my Dad, Bob, we were in for  some incredible acting.

The Ecstasy Cast 2.jpg

The wheels were firmly set in motion and 3+ months of planning rested upon two fateful days where everything had to go right. So inevitably the day started with a lie in. Not cause we’re lazy but because we were going to be filming until 1am. After a morning of positive vibes and packing up kit, snacks and importantly my Dad we rolled forth to the setting of Day 1. A car park in Thamesmead for the all important drug deal scene. And this is where everything that was out of our control that could go wrong… started to go wrong.

A burst tyre on our lighting van way over in west London set off a chain of events that I’ve never faced filming. Our producer Emily was in the van with our runner Alex and they’d rolled up to Panavision, one of the UK’s leading kit hire companies who were giving us a 90% discount on lights. Emily and Alex’s smiley faces were met by some very concerned looks by the staff there. THE TYRE! With no experience changing tyres on a Luton box van the lovely team there helped us out but it took a lot longer than expected, this combined with disastrous traffic led to a 4 hour delay in the van’s arrival on location. Don’t ask me how, but it happened and it was stressful.

Meanwhile at the car park, the community centre that had agreed to let us use a space from 2pm - 12pm decided to change their minds last minute and only allow us in from 6pm - 11pm. This was a problem because we’d planned on using their electricity. So we had to hire an emergency generator to power our lights. With Emily and Alex’s ETA now 4.30pm we made the most of what we could whilst keeping an eye on some very grey clouds looming in the distance. Our contingency was to film some scenes at sunset, but the traffic was truly horrendous and our actors 1 hour journeys doubled meaning that they arrived as the sun was going down.

Finally, the lighting van arrived but the sun had set and as you can imagine setting up a car park filled with lights in the dark takes double as long as it does in daylight. I have never faced these kinds of issues before so externally I was trying to show that this was all character building but internally I was dying.

Okay so finally we got everything up and running. A healthy 4 hours later than planned but we had to push things forward. And that’s when the rain started. I’m not talking a gentle drizzle, I’m talking BIBLICAL Noah’s Arc styled rain. We had hired big movable tents called ‘Easy ups’ to cover equipment and the team but the rain was so powerful and so loud that there were points where we simply couldn’t record because of the sound. Anyway we powered through our key drug deal scene, which in spite of the conditions was amazing. The acting was incredible.

At this point it was dinner time. We’d been given the keys to the centre and all the crew tucked into a lovely hot meal that kept spirits high. Food = morale. Me and the core team assembled for a crisis discussion. It was obvious that at this point with 4-5hours to go that we were not going to film all of the movie. It was a heart breaking decision to come to but it was the truth. So we came up with a battle plan to try and film all the actors out of the movie except Nathan, and we’d come back with Nathan at a later date to fill in the gaps.

So, we ploughed on, through awful rain and having to re-wire our lights at 11pm when they kicked us out of the centre. My feet were so drenched that I had to change my socks for carrier bags just to keep them dry! We finished filming at 1am and left the car park at 3am. When I got home I had a very early hours conversation with my wife and I was sad. Everything we captured was beautiful and the acting was incredible but we simply run out of time. Sigh.

Ecstasy Movie Stills2.jpg

Day 2 conversely was one of the best days of filming that I’ve ever had in my entire life. Legally you have to give 11 hours between the end of the day and the start of the next day so we started at 2pm (Losing 2 hours). But my day had started to Nina Simon’s - ‘Feeling good’ so I knew we were onto a winner from the start.

We kicked off things outside a community hall in Mottingham. Filming the movie’s opening scene, where our characters Kristian and Ian drop off Mum and wife, Rachel to a dance class. It was a lovely scene and a joy to see Hilary, Nathan and Brian all inhabiting the characters I’d lovingly created over the previous 6 months. Once we wrapped there the guy who was closing up the church hall casually dropped into the conversation that he was the steadicam operator on the Shining! A 22month shoot filled with gruelling days. It sort of made our 2 day short film feel like a breeze!

IMG_8013 copy.jpg

Buoyed by this we moved the team to my parents' house for the final bits of filming. A big party scene! How I’d convinced my poor parents to let us film at their’s beyond me because the house was rammed. Equipment vans all around and inside was full of our lighting team and art director, assistants and runners dressing the set whilst party extras filled the kitchen, bedrooms, hallway and bathroom waiting for us to be ready. This was an extra special moment because we had a number of people living with Parkinson’s disease as part of the scene and it was a joy to see them witnessing the madness and having what seemed like a great time! I don’t want to give too much away but we had some beautiful moments with an all important steadicam sequence and a spectacular cameo from my Dad, Bob. There was a moment before a certain sequence that I had to give a big speech to explain to everyone what was about to happen and I’m not going to lie, I broke down into floods of tears, it was a very emotional moment and one that I’ll never forget. We finished at 2am and I found a case of beers in the garage which I shared amongst the crew. If my parents are reading this, I owe you a 20 pack of Stellas!


So, what’s happened since? Well, after returning all the kit, cleaning my parents' house and paying everyone's invoices we all had to go back to work to earn money! I’d put work on hold for a quite a few months to make this film and so we put our heads down whilst our editor assembled the first draft of our movie. A month later Emily and I sat with him to watch the film for the first time with the lights turned off for true cinematic effect and we held our breathes…

There were laughs, tears and a fair bit of dancing in our seats, the movie is going to be very very special. BUT what we know and what we knew all along from day 1 is that it wouldn’t be complete. Looking at it, it’s 70% complete and we need to film for 1 more day. And that’s why we need to raise money again to film in the car park. At 2pm today we launch a new crowdfund to cover the costs of re-shooting at the car park and we’d love it if all of you could share it far and wide so we can complete the movie and make it happen! https://greenlit.fund/project/ecstasy

We have to film it this month on March 25th because of a number of extreme factors. Firstly, the car park location is getting DEMOLISHED. It was an email out of the blue, but the Peabody estate has told us the car park is going very very soon! I cannot describe the continuity problems we will face if we can’t film there. Secondly if we’re to get Brian back for this shoot, which would be ideal, we need to get him before his beautiful beard is shaved off for other roles. And lastly, it has always been our ambition to do a screening on April 11th which is World Parkinson’s Day.

You have helped us so much so far and believe me when I tell you that this isn’t the position, we’d planned to be in. But we are here and we’re going to do everything we can to make it happen and if you can help us along the way we’ll be eternally grateful! From the start we've wanted to tell a story about Parkinson's disease and dancing that's very different and ask the question, if you were disabled what lengths would you go to, to dance with a loved one, one last time. Thank you! Peace and love, Grant and the whole team!

IMG_8048 copy.jpg

Thu 30th Jan 2020, 17:48
Hello everyone! We know we've been super quiet but rather excitingly  we wanted to drop a line to say that we've been extremley busy filming our short film 'Ecstasy' over the course of a MANIC two day shoot. There was laughter, tears and the use of carrier bags to keep feet dry in near biblical filming conditions... Honestly so much rain. There are many tales from the shoot and we'll be revealing all in the coming weeks. Right now our hearts are warm and fuzzy from getting the opportunity to tell our heartfelt story with such a talented cast and crew, we also had the honour of having a number of people living with Parkinson's disease there on our shoot, taking part, having a laugh and seeing what it takes to make movie magic.

Ecstasy Clapper Still.jpg

The dust has settled for now but we’re not quite finished yet, there’s still a lot of work to do and maybe even a bit more shooting but we will keep you updated in the weeks to come. We couldn't have done it without you. X

Fri 17th Jan 2020, 16:41
Hello and happy new year everyone! We hope that 2020 is getting off to a storm. After a break of sorts over Christmas which was filled with preperation for our movie, we are in the final stages of pre-production. Unless things change we're pencilled in to shoot on Januray 27th-28th. That's right, in under 10days! We've had lots of wonderful talks with actors and have got some fantastic talent on board. In the meatine our story has been featured in the South London press and you can read the article below. If you're even more keen, tomorrow, as in Saturday 18th Grant, Bob and producer Emily will be on maritime radio from 11am to 11:30am talking about our film. Tune in and hear us talking about... Ecstasy - It is available on 96.5 FM in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and online here https://www.maritimeradio.co.uk

Ecstasy South Ldn Press.jpg

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