• A disabled father and his son try to buy drugs...what could possibly go wrong?

Ecstasy is funded!

After a whirlwind 12 days we've reached our target, broken records and had the pleasure of hearing from our backers how passionate you are for this project. Now that we've reached our target we can officially make our movie. We've been blown away by your kindness. This project is so close to our hearts and we've set out to create a story about my Dad, who's lived with Parkinson's disease for the last 20 years. We want to tell a story about disability and care that's different and raise a whole lot of awareness for Parkinson's disease along the way. Thank you for making that happen. But's what's next? With time left on our campaign what are we going to do? Well, we've come up with a plan. We're going to  up our target to £10,000 so we can make an even better movie, so if you want to be part of our story you can. And if by some miracle we get above this target, we're going to give 50% of all money raised over the £10k mark to Parkinson's research here in the UK. So this is your chance to support a movie and research into a cure all at once.

**FANTASTIC NEWS, because of the BIG GIVE campaign all money that we've raised for charity will get DOUBLED! Yay!**

I'm Grant Taylor, the writer and director of 'Ecstasy'.

A short comedy film about a son and his disabled father and their quest to buy 'one pill' so that the dad can dance with his wife at her upcoming surprise birthday party.

This film is a story about me and my Dad - Bob. He's lived with Parkinson's disease for the last 20 years and, as a family, we've been on quite a journey. If you're not familiar with Parkinson's, it's a neurological disorder which affects everything to do with your movement. Simple things like walking, talking and dancing become incredibly tough to do. A huge amount of effort can go into drinking a glass of water, you're reliant upon drugs so that you can move AND the disease gets progressively worse. We try to deal with all of this with a smile and positivity, and that's why I want to make 'Ecstasy'.

"Why ecstasy?" you may be thinking, well... In 2001 this incredible thing happened in the world of Parkinson's. A young former stuntman with Parkinson's disease decided to take ecstasy on a night out with some friends, and 40 minutes later, when the drugs began to kick in and he was 'coming up', something unbelievable happened... all the movement issues related to the illness disappeared and he was able to move again. Suddenly there was hope that this miracle could lead to a cure being found. As a result, for the first time ever, the Home Office sanctioned the use of a Class A drug for medical studies, and scientists at Cambridge tried to find out if ecstasy could lead to a cure. This story formed the basis of a BBC Horizon documentary 'Ecstasy & Agony'. Check it out online, quite literally a man goes from struggling to lift a glass of water to being able to do acrobatics. 

In our film, father and son, Ian and Kristian, are blown away upon discovering the effect of ecstasy on people living with Parkinson's and  set out to buy an ecstasy pill in the hopes it will allow Ian the freedom of movement to dance with his wife Rachael on her birthday. What follows is a heartfelt and hilarious story that makes you think about how far you'd go to be able to dance with your wife. We want audiences to laugh, cry and rave in their seat!

**The jury is still out on the benefits of ecstasy on people living with Parkinson's disease. Right now the negatives outweigh the positives. Read up on it, but please don't go out there and take it.**

Check out the rewards on offer (If you're on mobile scroll to the bottom), anything from a copy of the script to tickets to the screening can be bought to support our film. On top of this, for every single pledge over £30, we will be donating part of the proceeds to a UK based Parkinson's research charity to support their incredible work and contribute to finding a cure.

Backing the project is just one way that you can help make ‘Ecstasy’ a reality. If you would be happy to spread the word about what we’re trying to achieve through sharing us on social media, tagging our Twitter and Facebook pages online or telling your friends and family via word of mouth, text or email - anything that gets the message out about the film - that could make all the difference.

Grant successfully won a pitching competition at Cine Circle Festival securing a contribution of £1,000 of kit hire from VMI as well as use of professional colour grading and editing services at Fantomeline Pictures. Plus, we've already locked down one of our two hero locations and are currently in talks to confirm the second. However, we can't make this without your help. The money raised by this campaign will help to pay for the cast and crew, set design, costume and make-up, catering, transport, insurance, additional post production and festival submissions upon completion of the film.


An extremely talented actor, performer and writer, Nathan has been Grant's partner in creativity for a while now. He's stared in ITV's BENIDORM, BBC3's SOME GIRLS and has written a beautiful children's book called LOOK UP which has been published by Penguin. He's got so many exciting projects in the works and cannot wait to play the son, Kristian, in the film.

We're on the look out for the rest of the cast. We've been in talks with some talented casting agents but their involvement is dependant on us reaching our budget. We want to attract known names to some of the films biggest roles. Anything is possible!


Day in day out Grant is hustling as a director working on commercials, music videos and a lot of stuff with amazing charities and brands. For years he's been working on all kinds of creative projects, many of which you can see on his website here he's also worked on a number of projects raising awareness for Parkinson's Disease. His work tries to show the best of humanity with an emphasis on comedy. His work is bright and full of hope. Ecstasy is inspired by his own experiences with his father and after the idea was developed he pitched it to a room full of people where he met...


Straight after the pitch, Emily made a bee-line for Grant because she loved the pitch. Since then, they've been getting the film through pre-production ready to shoot early next year. Emily works full time as part of a team creating behind-the-scenes featurettes for studio feature films such as EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE, LITTLE WOMEN and 1917. 

They can't wait to make this movie and that's why they instantly asked...


Elena has worked with Grant on lots and lots of music videos, stop motion and they co-directed a film which screened at BAFTA and won a coffee machine in the process (That comes in handy). She's worked on the Bafta-nominated short film STANDY and music videos for MUMFORD & SONS amongst others. She may look straight-faced when you're telling her a story, but don't be fooled! In her head she is putting up curtains, tearing up tape, and making your tale come to life in her imagination. Picturing the scene in all of its fine, artistic detail.

This leads us nicely to...


A seriously talented cinematographer who's made a name for himself in the commercials and short film world, Hamish has shot energetic promos for BT Sport and elegant visuals for high-end fashion.  His narrative work has been screened at festivals around the world; including Palm Springs Film Festival in California and the BFI London Film Festival here in the UK. He loves telling audience-friendly stories with lots of action and comedy. If you can, check out BILLY THE KID, which has won a series of accolades on the festival circuit.

Finally, let's introduce...


Kash is the living embodiment of happiness. An absolute joy to work with, a talented writer and filmmaker in his own right. Kash and Grant have worked together in many harmonious on set environments for years starting with a truly EPIC battery recycling campaign (no joke). Since then, they've worked on commercials, music videos and a very ambitious web series. Kash will be keeping the team motivated and ensure everything is moving along smoothly as we capture all of the wonderful magic on our shoot.


Long time collaborator and editing maestro Gonçalo has worked with Grant for years on commercials, music videos and shorts. He's had his work shown on Channel 4, MTV and he's recently been seen at the BBC. He'll be turning what we shoot into the heartfelt and fun film we all want it to be.


As part of Grant's pitch win he's won a free grade with the team at Fantomeline who have some pretty tasty credits, having worked on shows like Downton Abbey, Poldark and many, many more! They're going to take that final edit and make the images look magical and colourful in all the right places.


Record label New State have worked with Grant on a number of music videos for the likes of the Stanton Warriors, Dirty Vegas and Camelphat and they have an amazing back catalogue of absolute floor fillers. They were also the music supervisors on KEVIN AND PERRY GO LARGE! And are going to be helping the film to secure the rights to one stand out track for the finale. It's an audio visual medium and music is key!


Well... After Grant pitched Ecstasy, Peter, the founder of greenlit expressed his passion for the idea. Greenlit have been offering a level of support unparalled in the daunting world of crowdfunding. They are a British crowdfunding platform, explicitly dedicated to film funding AND they are fully compliant with best practice in payment processing, using the Stripe Connect platform for secure escrow handling of funds raised for filmmakers. Their fees are the most competitive of any of the major platforms for film and creative projects.

We want to be transparent about where your money will go and what's on the line. We have a personal investment in this film where we've saved £4,000 already, now we're trying to raise the rest of the budget (£8,500) here bringing the final budget to £12,500. A percentage of this will be to Parkinson's research here in the UK and that percentage is linked to the individual rewards. We'll update you on the full amount raised at the end of the campaign. The majority of the budget will go into paying our cast and crew as well as the rental kit required to light and capture the film.

Hand held and cinematic with vibrant colours we want to create a bold film that will make you laugh, cry and rave in your seat with a slow motion finale that will bring the house down. We want to show the reality of Parkinson's and heighten Ian and Kristian's quest throughout.  We've put together a moodboard of films we like and cinematography of a look, feel and quality we aspire to create ourselves.

Thanks for making it this far! We hope you've enjoyed our story and can help make the film a reality. If you have any questions please message and we'll try to answer them as best we can.



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Sounds like a great project!! Wishing you all the best with it! We know it will be great. Tom and Shells x
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Heyyyyy! I've just got this through on my end, I thought that 'Shelley' might be you both! I've just put two and two together, thank you so much for your SUPER donation. I'm going to send you texts!!!
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