• Loneliness can be the most dangerous thing



We are applying for funding for all aspects of the film including pre-production, production and post-production. It is only a small cast with minimal locations so think it is an attainable goal.

This film will be crafted to really show the main character’s disconnect and loneliness. Films like "Her” and "Lost in Translation” are used as inspirations to amplify these feelings that we can all relate to.

We will also bring some romantic elements, playing with light, costume and set design to build the first encounter of the main characters. We are hoping that everyone can relate to some aspect of Megan’s story and therefore hopeful it will appeal to a range of audiences.



In a world where people have lost the ability to communicate with one another, where they’re craving basic human connection but unsure how to give or receive it. We meet Megan, who feels engulfed and overwhelmed by loneliness, a constant feeling of being an outcast, of disconnect. She decides to end it all by hiring a hit man. It is made clear to her that this decision is final, there is no going back. Megan agrees. She has nothing and no one to live for. However, life it seems has other plans, when she meets Josh.

She finds that connection she was so desperately longing for. She is reminded of the beauty in the world, that there is kindness and warmth, that maybe there is someone else out there who can understand her and make life worth living. Maybe there is hope and a reason to carry on. Megan wants more time to get to know him, but time is against her. She desperately tries to break the contract with the hit man but is unable to. Little does she know, Josh is the same man who has been hired to kill her. There is confusion and a struggle, and then, a gun shot…

Now, more than ever we have so many tools to connect with people, and yet we are losing the ability to have real human interaction. This story is not only about loneliness and the effects on our mental health, but how we are all losing the skills to connect. An issue that will have a greater impact on future generations.

On one hand we are very good at socialising via electronic devices, on the other we can’t even relate or be compassionate to our co-workers, friends, or strangers. At some point, like Megan, most people have felt lonely and questioned the meaning of everything. Nevertheless, there is always a silver lining, a glimpse of hope that can propel us to take another look at life. This is a struggle of light and dark, and the constant choices that we have in life.

It is a romantic drama/thriller and the overall goal of this project is to act as a calling card for both the director and producer and shine a light on the struggles so many people face.




We are a female led team with female writer/director, producer, DoP and a predominantly female crew. The more we can represent women both in front and behind the camera, the better. We believe passionately in creating opportunities for women who have been shut out for so long.

We are proud that in an industry where women still only make up 31% of speaking or named characters, 4.3% of directors are women, 21.1% of producers are women and 6% of DoPs are women, the key members of our team are all women. 



Writer/Director Cristiane A Gomes (aka Cristiane Ehrlich) is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and has a BA in Film and Media from Birkbeck University of London. She is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Film Directing at Raindance film school, where she is being mentored by industry professionals. When directing, she very often prefers to write her own material. Cristiane has worked on a number of small projects in the past, and now wants to take a bigger leap into directing her own short film with the intent of sending it to festivals. Cristiane is particularly passionate about character driven stories with some whimsical elements, while also exploring interesting visual expressions through colours of camera framing. She is inspired by directors Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze and hopes to one day to move on to feature length films and explore more of human emotions through film.


Producer Lizzie Worsdell is an award winning actress who started her career in the National Youth Theatre before gaining an Associates of Arts degree from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Los Angeles. She worked in Hollywood and London for many years, and was invited to be a member of the prestigious BAFTA newcomer program. She has worked on a variety of short films as an actress but Disarm will serve as her first producing role.

Lizzie supported a number of high profile artists in the entertainment industry before turning her hand to producing. Her role ranges from sourcing talent and crew to managing budgets, scouting locations, overseeing script development and preparing schedules. Lizzie is passionate about making female centered work and representing a side of society that isn’t typically shown on screen. She can’t wait to start this new career journey and venture in to the exciting world of independent film.



Director of Photograhy Suzanne Smith
has been shooting for over 12 years and has a wealth of experience working on short films, dramas, music promos and documentaries.  Her debut feature film “Guardians" was released in 2017 and garnered a number of awards including Best Comedy Feature at the Midwest Action Festival, Best Feature at Saints and Sinners Film Festival, and Best Comedy at Rome Independent Film Festival. Suzanne’s most recent short film “KAREN", a drama shot on Alexa Mini with Cooke Anamorphic lenses, was recently selected for Sunday Shorts and Short to the Point Film Festival. Suzanne is represented by Intrinsic London and is a member of the Guild of British Camera Technicians.



Production Designer/Art Director Lidia Rzesnik
is a film art director who enhances locations into unique sets with her creativity and her experience to accomplish the director’s vision. Lidia studied Film Production at UCA, Farnham. Since her graduation in summer 2018, Lidia has been working professionally on small budget films while developing her skills as an art director and costume assistant. In September Lidia completed a six-week course in Set Design for a project by TCBU in London. Lidia has worked on sets for the BBC Screen South, Frith Street Films and Fudge Films Productions. Lidia is now about to embark the pre-production as a designer for her debut feature film which will be shortly followed by ‘Disarm’



Costume Designer Devon based Kate Tailyour
is a fashion and costume designer who has worked in ready-to-wear, for British brands. She has designed costumes for short films including Ruby’s Skin and Belittled.

Even Dame Judy Dench has worn her designs on the red carpet of the Olivier awards.


Music Composers Allen and brother Randy Lynch
 have worked with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award winners, as well as gold & platinum selling recording artists including Eminem, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.

Allen and Randy have composed, produced, performed, and engineered songs featured in blockbusters such as Annapolis"(James Franco, Tyrese Gibson) "xXx: State of the Union"(Samuel L. Jackson, Ice Cube), "2 Fast 2 Furious"(Paul Walker, Vin Diesel). Hit TV shows including "The Simpsons", "The Jersey Shore", and The Apprentice" and gaming's EA Sports "NBA Live" & EA Games “Need For Speed: Most Wanted” as well as the theme for the 2012 NBA Western Conference Finals.

Allen headed the Marlboro Music Program which sponsored hundreds of artists, thousands of venues, and millions in attendance. Allen has appeared in several national ad campaigns, commercials, TV shows, and films.

Tom pic.jpg

Sound Recordist Tom Moore grew up recording music in a home studio, moving on to study Film and Television Production at university, consequently joining Procam as a trainee sound Recordist. Since leaving Procam, Tom has gone on to record on a variety of Reality, Obs Doc and Current affairs programming. Tom was Sound Supervisor on series 3 of the Real Marigold Hotel, and is currently supervising new BBC Interiors show The Best House in Town.


1st Assistant Director, George Johnson
 supports the Director, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow on set through their preparation in pre-production. Whilst on set, they liaise with the crew to bring the Director's vision to life. 

George is a born and bred Londoner and brings the energy of the city to work with him. He started out making music videos, short films and commercials and was quickly employed by Shine TV. Since then George has moved into scripted television and worked on a multitude of comedies, dramas, documentaries and even a live action Video Game. 

Most notably, George was a 3rd AD on award winning TV Drama series “Killing Eve” which has received worldwide acclaim.




Sophia Myles

At 16, Sophia starred in a school production of "Teachers" written by John Godber. Among those in attendance, Julian Fellowes, the Oscar winning writer of Gosford Park and Downton Abbey. Sophia was subsequently cast in the BBC production of The Prince and the Pauper.  In 1999, after recently enrolling in Cambridge University to study philosophy, she got a small part in Mansfield Park playing "Susan Price". Before heading to school, Sophia was cast as "Agnes Fleming" in the TV series, Oliver Twist.

After that, Sophia got a number of small parts in movies and television shows. Most notably, she was cast as Johnny Depp’s  wife in From Hell.. In 2003, Sophia got a supporting role in Underworld.

Later that same year, Sophia was cast in the big screen version of the English cult hit, Thunderbirds.. Though the movie didn't perform as expected, she earned praise for her role as the iconic "Lady Penelope". Soon, Sophia began working on Art School Confidential, directed by Terry Zwigoff playing an American who is the muse of a student in art school. Afterwards, she returned to her television roots, starring in Colditz as "Lizzie Carter", who is the object of affection and desire for 2 brothers. She then appeared in Marple: Sleeping Murder as a young woman who discovers that, as a child, she witnessed a murder.

Sophia was cast in Tristan & Isolde. She played "Isolde", the fiery young Irish princess who is promised to an evil man, that she does not love. In 2006, she returned to television starring "Madame de Pompadour" in Doctor Who as the Doctor's love interest.

Sophia will play our lead role, Megan Granger, a quiet and unassuming introvert. A small town girl who moves to the city in an attempt to get away from the tragic loss of her parents.

With no family or friends around her, the city breaks her spirit and leaves her feeling overwhelmed, outcast and lonely. 

She longs for companionship and  desperately seeks solace from Sean who offers her a way out.

jOHN bOWE.jpg

John Bowe

John played George Marlow in the first Prime Suspect. He also played Duggie Ferguson in Coronation Street from 1999 to 2002,Other TV credits include: Warship Secret Army, Boon,The New Statesman, Capital City, Class Act, Lovejoy, Silent Witness, The Royal, Dalziel and Pascoe, Cleopatra and Einstein and Eddington, Tipping the Velvet, The Hour and DCI Banks and Soldier Soldier. Film credits include The Living Daylights, Resurrected, County Kilburn and Gozo, Cranford

In April 2010, Bowe joined the cast of London's West End production Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – The Musical playing the part of Bob. In September 2011, he appeared as Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd at Chichester a role he continued in the West End transfer.

In September 2014, Bowe joined the cast of Emmerdale playing Lawrence White.

John will play our hitman, Sean Bach, A well put together English gent. Sean is a mature and experienced hitman, who gets the business done.

Recently he has become frustrated with the profession and is questioning his worth.

This leads him to decide that Megan will be his last hit.


We will use the money raised to cover all stages of productions: pre-production, production and post-production.



We would like to thank you for spending these few minutes with us and learning about our project.

In a world that is becoming more isloated and digital, we hope that our story will start a conversation on the importance of human connections and meaningful relationships.

If you like what you saw on this page, please consider donating so we can make this short film happen and support independent filmmakers and artists.





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