What's going on?

Mon 17th Feb 2020, 14:19

Hello again.

You may have noticed that all has gone quiet on social media for the last few weeks. However, behind the scenes, it's controlled chaos. As we are £2000 off our target, we have been looking at ways to juggle the budget that you kindly all helped us get so we can put together the film.

We've been looking at an alternative venue as hiring out a hotel room to shoot in was extremely expensive. We think we have found a new location and if successful, we think it'll be visually more exciting than a hotel room, so watch this space. Darren has been busy rewriting the script with this location in mind.

We have also brought an extra Producer on board - Paul Anderson. He's come to help pull together the shoot and to help us work out how we can make the film on a limited budget. We're delighted to he's agreed to join.

The brilliant Katie Sheridan is still going to be playing the role of Beth and we're currently speaking to people about the character of Robert - so watch this space.

We'll keep you updated on progress.

Thanks again.

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