We're going to have to delay filming

Mon 3rd Aug 2020, 15:01

Hello! We hope you are well and keeping safe - it's a very strange time again isn't it - just as it looked as though the world had a handle on COVID-19, things are beginning to take a turn for the worst again. So, please do look after yourself.

As you can probably tell from the subject line, we're going to have to delay the filming of Departure again. We all decided that it's better to wait a little longer and make sure we can shoot Departure in a safe environment - we don't want to be putting any of the cast or crew in any undue danger. So, we're now looking at an early spring shoot - probably March or April 2021. Hopefully by then, the world will be a little bit safer.

We've spoken to all the cast and crew who we currently have onboard and they will all still be part of the project next year, which is wonderful as we've some great talent.

This will also give us time to look for some extra funding as we recently had the quotes in for insurance - it made our collective eyes water! We're going to look at various funding assistance schemes which will hopefully give us what we need for our admin costs.

Thanks again for being part of Departure's creation and thanks for being patient - we'll get there.

Look out for more updates and reveals in the next few weeks and months.

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