Things can start moving again

Tue 7th Jul 2020, 9:07


We hope you and your families are well and have been staying safe - it's certainly been a stressful few months.

It does now seem that we are getting some freedom of movement back - whether this is a good or bad thing, remains to be seen. However, we have decided that it's time we started planning for a shoot later this year.

The team got back together over Zoom the other night to reignite Departure. We've given ourselves a September shooting date and will be actively working toward getting everything ready for then. We also spent time at looking at all the new rules and regulations that have been put in place to make sure film shoots are safe and follow distancing rules.

As a reminder of who we have so far in the Departure team - Andrew Harmer is our excellent director. Darren Barker is the writer and producer, Kristen Brookman - who incidently has been doing brilliantly with her own short film - is a producer and Paul Anderson is also a producer. 

We have the very talented Katie Sheridan and Bill Fellows as our lead actors. The brilliant Sam Thompson will be scoring the film and we have the location sorted - Malvern Town Football Club - a big thank you to Chris and Lianne Pinder for letting us shoot there.

We are now speaking to some Directors of Photography, sound technicians and are scouting for art design, make-up and wardrobe. As soon as we get them on board, we'll let you know - hopefully now we can increase these updates for you as we start picking up steam again.

In the meantime, continue to stay safe. Thank you once again for your help in getting Departure made.

The Departure Team.


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