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Hello! I’m Darren Barker, the writer and one of the producers of Departure. Thanks for popping by and taking a look at my very first campaign.

Departure is a short (five minutes) sci-fi tinged drama featuring just two characters in a single location. It's a humorous yet moving account of a father and daughter dealing with the loss of a loved one and the impact this has on the people left behind. Set to the backdrop of a science fiction tale about alien intervention, Departure is a visual metaphor about losing someone close to you to illness. To show you I’m not some sort of movie charlatan, check out some of the projects I’ve worked on.

You want to know a bit more about the story?

Sure thing: Robert is convinced that he is about to be “taken” from the very specific location of an airport hotel room. His daughter, Beth has come along with him for moral support – she is convinced nothing will happen. Beth, the voice of normality, attempts one last time to explain to her dad that nothing will happen, but Robert won’t hear of it and continues his preparations for intergalactic travel that leaves him emancipated and poorly.

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As the night progresses, father and daughter reminisce and Beth gradually begins to accept her father’s reasons for believing he is about to go off world. The genesis Departure started life as a competition entry where the brief was to write a five-minute film set entirely in a famous hotel brand room. I’m a huge science fiction fan (most of my feature scripts are in the genre) and have always liked the idea of writing something where the audience aren’t sure what to believe when a character suggests they have been taken by an alien race, so I thought it would be funny to have a character convinced that this hotel room is where they were to be abducted by aliens and another character completely disbelieving the theory.

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It came out pretty well – it was lighthearted and amusing. It wasn’t the right fit for the competition, but I liked it so much that I continued to work on it and it slowly developed into something else, something more affecting. The characters became father and daughter and the relationship between the two gave the script more emotional depth.

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Who are we?

I have a director I showed the script to director Andrew Harmer (of Fitzroy fame) and he loved it and as we worked on it together it became a total different beast: it’s an exploration of love and grief when you’re dealing with the potential loss of someone close to you through illness. Sadly, losing people you care about is a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less – especially if you can see it coming. I recently lost people close to me, to a variety of illnesses and no matter how hard you prepare, it really does knock the wind out of you.

Then Kristen Brookman came aboard. Kristen, who is also working on her own short project, is just starting out as a film maker and producer, so we thought it would be an ideal opportunity for her to join the Departure team. Thankfully she agreed and also loved the script.

Departure is a project that we're all really proud off and we can’t wait to get started on its creation and share it with all of you. That’s why we are doing a pay what you want campaign.

A what?!

Pay as little as you like and you’ll receive the film. But to make this work,what we really, really need is for you to share the campaign. This will only work if enough people hear about the film. So please do share, even if it’s not your cup- of-tea every share will help bring this film to life. Thanks for reading and together we can make this beautiful story.

What will we be spending the money on?

Short answer - everything! We'll use all the funds to pay our actors, putting together the crew, location, editing, soundtrack and all the other glorious things that go in to putting together a film.

Who are we?

Director:Andrew Harmer (of Fitzroy fame): www.andrewharmer.com


Andrew is a motivated and passionate film director and screenwriter, always looking for new challenges and opportunities. His passion for telling stories started at a young age, and he has grown to be a skilled director with a unique vision. 

Andrew's debut feature film The Fitzroy is a black comedy set in a post apocalyptic 1950's and recounts the trials and tribulations of the inhabitants of the last hotel - The Fitzroy submarine. The Fitzroy enjoyed a successful festival run, garnering a number of awards including Best Comedy Feature at World Fest and two awards at SXSW for its title sequence. The film is continuing to delight audiences and is available on most VOD platforms.

Writer and co-producer: Darren Barker (me): www.darrenbarkerwriter.com


Darren is a UK based screenwriter currently working with LA based production company, QE Productions (Diliana Deltcheva and Christina Ochoa), on a feature length sci-fi/drama called Dark Tides. Darren's most recent work is on a proof of concept for a future TV show called Fuerteventura starring Bella Dayne, Tommy Flanagan, Agnes Albright and Timothy V. Murphy. Darren has had some success in various international competitions. Feature length sci-fi script, Reconditioned, made the quarter finals of 2017 Final Draft Big Break competition, while The Shepherds, placed in the semi-finals for Final Draft’s Big Break in 2016. It also won the London Screenwriter Festival/Script Angel competition in 2014. Feature length horror script, End Times, made the quarter final of ScreenCraft Horror in 2017.  

Producer: Kristen Brookman

Kristen is an upcoming filmmaker who is keen to learn and get stuck in with great projects. She is currently locked in editing for a micro-budget (virtually zero-budget) short film called ‘Uninspired Moments’, which Kristen wrote and directed. Following that project, the lead actor has since asked her to direct a beautiful script he wrote, which should shoot next year. 



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