What a week!

Sat 8th Feb 2020, 12:24

Dear All

It’s been exactly one week since our launch and what a week it’s been! We’re already at 73% funded thanks to you guys, and we’re building a new audience, finding new friends and spreading the Cyberlante word far and wide.

We’ve had our first piece of press, courtesy of Conor Crooks at Film Stories Magazine. Conor wrote a fab article about Cyberlante, how we shot it and the hurdles we had to overcome to make this project happen. So do head over to check it out here: Film Stories Article

You may have seen our short video featuring lead actors Domenic Tiberius Russo and Gavin Gordon talking about acting and improvisation in Cyberlante. If you haven't, you can take a look here: Dom and Gavin on acting in Cyberlante

We continue to work hard to reach our target, which will pay for sound design and music to finish the film professionally. Any funds raised beyond that will go towards hosting a glitzy RED CARPET PREMIERE, and crucial marketing and distribution costs. The more funds we raise, the more we can do justice to our fabulous cast and crew who worked so beautifully on this project.

We still have some EARLY BIRD DEALS in place for our highly-prized film and producer credits and premiere sponsorship opportunities, as well as social media marketing options and posters. So please continue to spread the word and share the link throughout social media... and of course, if you want to help us reach the 75% or even 80% funded by the end of the weekend, your contributions will be gratefully accepted! 

Here's the link again for sharing: https://grn.lt/cyberlante

Finally, I like to thank all backers personally, and if we’re not already connected via email or social media, I would have sent you a message through the Greenlit page. So if you haven’t heard from me, please check your inboxes or spam folders, or simply email me directly here: caroline@rayafilms.com

Your support is really important to us and appreciated by all involved!

Caroline ant The Team @RayaFilms

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