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Sun 29th Nov 2020, 9:25

Dear Backers

It’s been a while since our last update, but a lot seems to have happened with Cyberlante in the last few weeks so here are some updates!

We continue to receive incredibly positive testimonials for this film on Amazon and IMDb. PLUS we’ve had some great reviews and articles published. They’re all listed on the PRESS PAGE of the website, but here are links to the latest:


And just this month Cyberlante has been featured in the Film Stories magazine, where Caroline dishes the dirt on how the film was made. If you want to order a copy, visit FILM STORIES MAGAZINE and select the November 2020 issue.

Film Stories are amazing supporters of indie film, so do pick up a copy if you can!

We have been guests on a couple of podcasts recently, where we discuss our film productions.

For The Rotating Chair, we joined a discussion about all things Raya Films and indie filmmaking, as well as the making of Cyberlante:

Caroline was recently interviewed by San Diego based Susy Botello for the The SBP Mobile Filmmaking podcast, chatting about smartphone filmmaking and the production of Cyberlante and our other phone-shot movie, Surveilled. Do tune in for a listen!

Cyberlante is being added to different streaming platforms as we speak, including TUBI, but Amazon remains the main one, and is currently available in the following countries:

Many apologies to our supporters in non-English speaking nations who haven’t been able to access the film. We continue to look at options to get the film to you!

Don’t forget, it helps us greatly if you could provide a review on Amazon and/or IMDb. We are proud to be able to boast a higher than average IMDb rating, so we need to keep up the good work!

Visit  WWW.CYBERLANTEMOVIE.COM  for more details

That’s all for now folks. More news when we have it, but keep checking by on Twitter for regular goings-on in the Raya Films camp!


Thank you from Caroline and James @RayaFilms


Wed 30th Sep 2020, 16:14

Dear Backers

It’s here! We can proudly announce that our smartphone-shot film CYBERLANTE has been released this week on Amazon! We’re already receiving some great articles, reviews and testimonials, and you can check them out on the Press Page of the official Cyberlante website. We have more reviews and press coming in, so keep checking by!

It would help us greatly if you could provide a review on Amazon and/or IMDb and spread the word on social media!

So, here it is, folks… those all-important links:



What an incredible experience this has been, and all involved should be rightly proud of this full-length feature film, which was shot entirely in Loughborough, Midlands, UK on mobile phone technology.

Thank you for supporting #indiefilm #rayafilmslondon #CyberlanteMovie

Caroline and The Team @RayaFilms


Sat 15th Aug 2020, 8:35

Dear Backers

Cyberlante is now complete and ready for release! Our experimental smartphone-shot movie will be released on multiple online channels worldwide. DVDs and Blurays will also be available for those who still prefer physical media. We now await quality control approval and notification of channel availability - this may take a month or two, but as soon as the film is available, you will be the first to know.

In the meantime, why not head over to the Official Cyberlante IMDb page to learn some interesting trivia and peruse our cast, crew and esteemed producers… you may even recognise your own name amongst the credits!

MJ Smartphone - Edited (1).jpg

Don’t forget, Cyberlante was completed because of YOU! Because of your generosity and support. This is your project as well as ours. 

Thank you for supporting Cyberlante, and thank you for supporting indie film - we’ll be in touch again soon with some exciting news on our online premiere and how you can join us on our virtual red carpet!

Caroline and The Team @RayaFilms

Tue 2nd Jun 2020, 11:36

Dear All

We hope you are all well!

As for us, despite being locked down in Spain during these eventful months, we have ploughed our energies into editing our two feature films: Cyberlante and Surveilled… and now we are excited to announce the release of the first official trailer for Cyberlante!

The trailer is being premiered by the cool guys at Britflicks on Wednesday, 3 June at 08:00 (BST) so click the link, tune in and take a look!

Cyberlante Trailer Premiere

Big thanks and humble gratitude to all who helped with production of this cybercrime thriller, and to all of you who supported our crowdfunding campaign on Greenlit. With your belief and generosity, we have been able to pay for a fabulous post-production team who are helping us deliver quality content for your viewing pleasure.

So take a look at the Cyberlante trailer, then please SHARE and COMMENT. In the meantime, we’re cracking on with post-production of the full feature and planning for the premiere and release.

Many thanks!

The Team @RayaFilms

Thu 2nd Apr 2020, 8:51

Greetings everyone

I hope you are all well and coping okay during this difficult time.

This is a quick message to those who bought the signed Cyberlante Posters through the crowdfunding campaign. Obviously getting posters printed and signed at the moment is not an option for us, but we haven't forgotten you! As soon as we are able, we will get them organised and sent out.

Thank you for supporting Cyberlante, and thank you for supporting indie film!

Keep well. Keep safe.

Caroline and The Team @RayaFilms

Wed 11th Mar 2020, 15:06

WHAT A CAMPAIGN! WHAT A RIDE! Thank you all so much for your support over this last month. We've not only raised over and above what we ever expected (achieving a whopping 186% funded), we've also found new colleagues and made new friends. We're well into finalising Cyberlante and now able to move things on to the next stage: sound design. As soon as the film is completed and ready for screening, you'll be the first to know!

Thank you for supporting Cyberlante. Thank you for supporting indie film!

Caroline and The Team @RayaFilms

IMG_9635 - Edited.jpg

Thu 5th Mar 2020, 11:12

What a ride! This campaign has gone from strength to strength and with 5 days left to run we currently stand at 172% funded!

We seriously can’t thank our backers enough for supporting this. We can now afford to pay for sound design, as well as host and advertise a glitzy RED CARPET PREMIERE. Any further funds received will go towards a trailer edit and film festival entry fees. Who knows, we might even win an award or two… and if we do, it will be down to you guys for helping make this happen!


We now have three official premiere sponsors!

GESTALT UK is a psychotherapy practice run by David Forrest. David is very interested in the underlying traits of being unsympathetic and bullying… characteristics of our lead bad guy, Clayton Kendall, played by Mark Peachey. David has just published A BLOG ARTICLE exploring this subject.

DAL PRODUCTIONS/DAL STRATEGY is run by the lovely Lynn Coleman and her husband David. Caroline Spence met with Lynn and David recently who are great supporters of other filmmakers, as well as having some exciting projects of their own lined up. Follow them on Facebook!

CEDARS HOTEL & RESTAURANT - our good friends at this Loughborough-based hotel jumped at the chance to sponsor another of our premiere events (the first of which was the World Premiere of our debut movie Do Something, Jake at the Odeon). Not only was The Cedars a major filming location for Cyberlante, but they also provided some delicious catering for cast and crew. So if you want a comfortable, welcoming place to stay in Loughborough, with fabulous food and well-stocked bar, this is the place for you! Check out their website.

A FOURTH PREMIERE SPONSOR slot is still available, so if you run a business and want to join in the fun, support our event, and receive some great marketing in return, then do CLAIM THE SLOT and/or get in touch!


With only six days left to run, we’d love to meet (or maybe even surpass!) our stretch goal, so if you haven’t already, do please consider backing this campaign and continue to share THE LINK throughout social media:


Your support is really important to us and appreciated by all involved!


Caroline and The Team @RayaFilms

Sun 23rd Feb 2020, 8:37

FANTASTIC NEWS! We've reached our first stretch goal of £3,000 GBP within a week, which means we can confidently move ahead with a fun and glitzy RED CARPET PREMIERE event. So thank you all for your continued support, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

WE HAVE A NEW STRETCH GOAL! Our second STRETCH GOAL is a minimum of £3,500 GBP and these extra funds will go toward the following:


Trailer edit


Further limited screening events

Festival entry fees

And if we achieve OVER £3,500 we can organise even more screenings at venues across the U.K. and higher-profile targeted marketing. Note that screening success and exposure in the U.K. could even lead to international screenings at festivals, which would be incredible!

So don’t forget, the more funds we raise, the more we can do justice to our fabulous cast and crew who worked so beautifully on this project.


I like to contact backers personally to say thank you, and to efficiently fulfill the rewards they have bought. For those I don’t have other means of contact (Twitter, Facebook, email) I have used the Greenlit messaging system, but still await response from a few, so I am unsure if these messages have actually been received. 

**If you have not received a message from me, please get in touch via email : caroline@rayafilms.com

That’s all for now other than to say please continue to support our movie and share this campaign to anyone you think would like to get involved. Cyberlante is capturing people's imagination, so let’s see how far we can take this!



Caroline and The Team @RayaFilms

Sat 15th Feb 2020, 10:04

Dear All

Congratulations everyone! We've reached our target amount within two weeks of launch. We can now confidently move ahead with the sound design and finish off Cyberlante in style. 

BUT WE STILL NEED HELP! We now have a new STRETCH GOAL of a minimum of £3,000 and these extra funds will go toward the following:


  • Premiere venue, welcome drinks & canapés
  • P&A (Prints and Advertising)
  • Media Board emblazoned with sponsor logos
  • Film promotion and sales

And if we achieve OVER £3,000 we can organise further screenings at venues across the country and maybe even enter a festival or two.


We’ve had some more press for Cyberlante, this time appearing in PRESS PARTY, a press release hosting service for the global Music & Entertainment Industry, based in London and New York. Do take a look and share across social media if you can. We are a small team without the expansive reach of others in our industry, so every little helps!

Raya Films releases first footage of Smartphone-shot movie via new fundraising platform, Greenlit

Don’t forget, the more funds we raise, the more we can do justice to our fabulous cast and crew who worked so beautifully on this project.

Please continue to support our movie and share this campaign to anyone you think would like to get involved. Cyberlante is capturing people's imagination, so let’s see how far we can take this!



Caroline and The Team @RayaFilms

Sat 8th Feb 2020, 12:24

Dear All

It’s been exactly one week since our launch and what a week it’s been! We’re already at 73% funded thanks to you guys, and we’re building a new audience, finding new friends and spreading the Cyberlante word far and wide.

We’ve had our first piece of press, courtesy of Conor Crooks at Film Stories Magazine. Conor wrote a fab article about Cyberlante, how we shot it and the hurdles we had to overcome to make this project happen. So do head over to check it out here: Film Stories Article

You may have seen our short video featuring lead actors Domenic Tiberius Russo and Gavin Gordon talking about acting and improvisation in Cyberlante. If you haven't, you can take a look here: Dom and Gavin on acting in Cyberlante

We continue to work hard to reach our target, which will pay for sound design and music to finish the film professionally. Any funds raised beyond that will go towards hosting a glitzy RED CARPET PREMIERE, and crucial marketing and distribution costs. The more funds we raise, the more we can do justice to our fabulous cast and crew who worked so beautifully on this project.

We still have some EARLY BIRD DEALS in place for our highly-prized film and producer credits and premiere sponsorship opportunities, as well as social media marketing options and posters. So please continue to spread the word and share the link throughout social media... and of course, if you want to help us reach the 75% or even 80% funded by the end of the weekend, your contributions will be gratefully accepted! 

Here's the link again for sharing: https://grn.lt/cyberlante

Finally, I like to thank all backers personally, and if we’re not already connected via email or social media, I would have sent you a message through the Greenlit page. So if you haven’t heard from me, please check your inboxes or spam folders, or simply email me directly here: caroline@rayafilms.com

Your support is really important to us and appreciated by all involved!


Caroline ant The Team @RayaFilms

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