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WHAT A CAMPAIGN! WHAT A RIDE! Thank you all so much for your support over this last month. We've not only raised over and above what we ever expected, we've also welcomed new colleagues to our team and made new friends. We're well into finalising Cyberlante and now able to move things on to the next stage: sound design. As soon as the film is completed and ready for screening, you'll be the first to know!

Thank you for supporting Cyberlante. Thank you for supporting indie film.

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CYBERLANTE is a feature-length film produced by Raya Films exploring the world of cybercrime and hacking for good… and evil…

This crime thriller tells the story of Matt (Gavin Gordon), a mysterious young man who moves to a new town to work in a low-level job in an isolated hotel, run by unsympathetic bully, Clayton Kendall (Mark Peachey) who holds deadly secrets of his own.

Co-starring Emily Haigh, Mia Mills, Tiberius Russo and John Savage, Cyberlante was shot in the East Midlands, UK.

Shooting has wrapped and we are now deep into editing, and we estimate Cyberlante to be ready for an exclusive red carpet preview screening later this year. Before breaking out the Champagne, however, we need to raise funds for the final phases of post-production. So here’s where you come in!


We have been able to graft away at editing the film so that we have a cohesive story with all the twists and turns you can expect from a cybercrime thriller. There are some things we can’t do ourselves, however, such as sound design because we don’t have the specialist software or years of university training required… but we know people that do!

We are partnering with a company who has offered to help out for a seriously nice price. So our goal is to raise £2,000 GBP to cover the following:


  • Sound design, sound editing and mixing
  • Final polishing of the picture elements: colour correction, titles
  • Greenlit crowdfunding fees
  • Bank charges


We are James Smith and Caroline Spence - a writer/director and screenwriter/producer partnership who work under the banner of Raya Films and connect with other film professionals throughout the world to realise our projects.

We can now proudly state that our debut feature film Do Something, Jake is an award winner, which, after packed theatrical screenings, has been signed up for worldwide distribution. Female-led Euro thriller Agent Kelly comes hot on Jake’s heels (World Premiere, spring 2020), and Cyberlante is our third feature film, which we also want to screen and release online in 2020.

Why not visit our website to learn more!



There’s an intriguing story behind the making of Cyberlante, but you’ll have to wait for the ‘making of’ documentary to discover the juicy gossip. What we can tell you, however, is that with Cyberlante, we have joined the ranks of Sundance headliner, Sean Baker (Tangerine), and Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh (High Flying Bird/Unsane) by shooting a feature-length movie on the latest mobile phone technology!

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Cyberlante is classed as ‘experimental’ but we can’t claim shooting on a mobile phone as the sole reason. Much of the screenplay was written as we progressed through the shoot, with actors improvising some scenes. We played with composition, light and shadow and shot in a variety of beautiful locations. It was challenging and it was fun, and we think you’re going to love it!

Visit the official IMDb profile page where you learn more and see production pics.


Once we are able to move Cyberlante to ‘complete’ status on IMDb we will hold a  RED CARPET PREMIERE event (UK), and anyone who has attended the screening events for our other movies will know that we don’t hold back on the paparazzi and glamour! Then we’ll put all our efforts into distributing the film worldwide on VoD/SVoD (Video on Demand/Subscription Video on Demand) platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.


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There are many ways to help out in return for our exclusive rewards. Simply check out the perks, click on your choice and you’re halfway there.


Minimising risk is always good practice, especially when asking for support or finance. We have shot four feature films to date, and we have successful crowdfunding campaigns under our belt for two of those four features! We are working with professionals with whom we have collaborated before, so we know they can deliver. Plus, the film is already shot, so the risks are limited to just editing and finishing the film, which we are confident we can complete with your generous support.



I want to donate but don’t want anything other than to remain anonymous

We understand you may be a philanthropic person who doesn’t need any more stuff and wants to remain under the social media radar. If you want to help in the form of a donation then this is the option to you. Donate anything from £1 to infinity and in return get a warm fuzzy feeling and our guaranteed virtual love and appreciation.

Can you describe the movie in a nutshell?

To a creepy ‘Shining’ hotel setting, add underlying and insidious ‘Get Out’ prejudices, with the sprinkling of a ‘Lethal Weapon’ bromance...

When are you planning to release the film?

Summer 2020 … subscribe to our newsletter to be amongst the first people to get all the premiere and release news! www.rayafilms.com

What is the hashtag for discussing the movie?


I have another question not listed, who can I talk to?

No problem - Caroline is on hand to answer all your queries. You can either message her here on Greenlit, or send an email to caroline@rayafilms.com and she'll get right back to you!


We want you to be part of our filmmaking journey, so any donation, small or large, will help to get CYBERLANTE on screens both big and small!

Track progress as we get closer to our goal - don't forget, if we hit the goal, the film gets screened in 2020!

Thank you for supporting independent feature film!

So let’s get donating!


Caroline & James


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Ask the community

We hope we’ve convinced you that this is a project worth supporting. If you don’t feel able to make a donation, but you’d still like to help us – make some noise!


  • Talk about this project to friends, family, colleagues
  • Use social media to help spread the word and share the link:  https://grn.lt/cyberlante
  • Do you personally know any businesses that might be able to act as sponsors for the red carpet screening event? Their name and logo will be splashed all over our promotional materials, mentioned in press releases and representatives photographed by our official photographers and the media at the event
  • Are you able to provide in-kind products or services for the screening event, screening venues, or donating extra perks for this campaign?

If you can help, please message caroline directly.


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