• URGH, another series about vulgar women being c**t*. You're welcome.

CALL IT A DAY, a witty comedy-drama webseries, was created as we wanted to explore various topics around today’s women by following two very different ladies, going through different struggles, and supporting each other.

We hope to make a lot of yous out there relate, laugh and feel seen through this series. Or just feel like you’re not as batshit crazy as you thought you were, but merely a 2019 woman. 

Also, we’ve all heard things like,  "oh come on, we have enough female story telling nowadays " - well, no we don’t.

First of all: we lost Fleabag and Broad City this year, two of our favorites, leaving a sad sappy empty spot in our hearts and computers/phones/TVs.  And second of all, the last time we went at a Webseries Creators Panel, there wasn’t ONE single woman out there on the panel. So yeah gimme some of that female story telling, we do need it and we do want it.

We aim to explore serious themes, and without making fun of it, laughing with it and try to lighten the shit up.

Let’s have a funny outlook on Amy’s anxiety, or Eva’s shitty work environment. Let’s make fun of ourselves, and let’s turn heartbreak into beauty. This world is enough of a drag already!


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Season 1 will have 6 episodes, each running between 10 and 15mins depending on all the drama our characters go through. 

We know that you're all busy with work and your social life, so why make a show 1h long if we're confident we can tell impactful, exciting and funny stories within 15 mins max. That way, you can all watch them on your way to work, the pub or even on the loo (yep we'll accept that as well because let's face it, our two main characters would do the same).

Now that we've shot the whole season, we're in full post-production mode. Episode 1 is now LIVE on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Check it out!  Our schedule is as follows:

Episode 1 | "Rough Night" : November 21, 2019 (It already reached over 1,000 views on Youtube! Go and check it out!)

Episode 2 | "Bad Feminists" : December 5, 2019  (Already reached over 3,000 views on Youtube, go and check it out!) 

Episode 3 | "Stupid B****": December 19, 2019 (It already reached over 2,000 views on Youtube! Go and check it out!)

Episode 4 | "Joyeux Noel" : December 23, 2019 (It already reached over 1,000 views on Youtube! Go and check it out!)

Episode 5 | "Woopsy" : January 9, 2020 

Episode 6 | "That Fuc*$ng Constant Void" : January 23, 2020

And... We've got an early access release for you guys if you kindly support us with £25 or more!





Meet Amy. 

Meet yourself or a friend of yours.

Meet that awkward girl trying to survive her late 20s.

Trying to survive her social anxiety, a blatant lack of life purpose and a... complicated (?) family life. 

But mostly trying to go through life feeling a little less lonely and out of place.

And having a shit load of laughs along the way. 


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Meet Eva.

Meet yourself or a friend of yours.

Meet that badass girl trying to survive her late 20s.

Trying to survive her whole world crumbling down. By whole we mean, like WHOLE (family, work, fiancé... Poor woman had a rough year).

But mostly trying to go through life feeling a little less lonely and out of place.

And having a shit load of laughs along the way. 


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As you know now, we're big fans of Broad City, which also started as a webseries. We'd love to do the same, and develop our show into something bigger and better! There are so many themes we'd like to touch on in Season 2, and the writing is already underway. We're confident our current themes (and future ones we already have in mind) will relate to a bigger audience and YOU can help us by being a supporter and pledging at a really exciting stage for us and 'Call It A Day'. 




CIAD - HOW CAN WE HELP YOU from Oriane on Vimeo.




Oriane Pick - The Frenchie

Oriane is a multi-award nominated Actress and Producer, currently working between London and Paris, with experience in Film and Theatre. After having lived in various countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, she moved to London in 2013 and has been involved in various projects since, including award-nominated short films, commercials and the award-nominated Amazon prime series "Just Saying" which she created, produced, wrote and acted in.

Oriane has always been interested in playing strong yet troubled female characters, who'd rather hide their fears and struggles to the world. This was especially the case with "Say Your Name" (trailer available here) which she received two nominations for "Best Actress". 

Lately, Oriane also decided to explore lighter characters such as Alice in Just Saying. After those two projects, Oriane realised how much she enjoyed playing goofy characters, yet adding depth to them. Let's face it, we're all more than one person in life, depending on who we interact with, where we are (surely no one acts the same at the club on a Friday night and in the office the next Monday). This is how Eva in 'Call It A Day' came to life. Mixing auto-biographical moments to the storyline with a bit of crazyness and fun, Eva now represents the ideal complex character Oriane has always wished to portray.


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Rachel Mariam - The Frenchie (with an American twist)

Rachel is pretty much a 'do it all' kind of gal - actress, writer, singer, and producer. She studied Theatre & Filmmaking at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, before moving to London in 2018 to jump in the bigger pond. Since then, she starred in BBC TV series "Normal People", and created webseries "Call It a Day" with Oriane Pick, for which she also wrote the entire season 1. Rachel also played a part in composing, writing and singing music that will be featured in season 1 of "Call It a Day". 


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Kieran Bourne is an Award-Winning Film Director and Screenwriter.

Kieran was part of the Film London Microwave 2016/17 selection which included some of the most exciting filmmakers to come out of the scheme such as Kate Herron (Sex Education, Loki), Alice Seabright (Screen Star of Tomorrow 2019, Sex Education) and BAFTA Nominee Nat Luurtsema.

As a director he's completed nine genre-spanning short films including the controversial 'Say Your Name'; the engrossing comedy/drama 'Those of Us' and silent comedy 'She's Just a Girl and So Am I', all of which are currently doing the festival circuit in 2019.


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Dominika Besinska is a London-based Director of Photography with experience in independent features, shorts, fashion promos, as well as in branded content, both in the UK and internationally.

Her short - ‘Stevie’ (2017) played at Underwire Film Festival.


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