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Hi, I'm Desi Kadra and I'm the producer and director of Beyond the Veil.

Beyond the Veil is a feature documentary that seeks to reconnect us with our true, spiritual nature of who we really are, through exploring consciousness and what happens to the soul after death.  

According to the Buddhist tradition, death is a transition from one level of consciousness to another.  Beyond The Veil aims to explore this concept by offering a glimpse into the journey of the soul as seen from the perspective and personal accounts of the modern day shamans and healers, born with an ability to communicate with the spirit world.   So far science has only ever been able to touch on this theme through the study of near-death experiences.  Beyond The Veil takes the story one-step further and provides a platfrom for this ancient wisdom to be brought back into our troubled modern world. 

" There is so much fear of death in the modern world because there is so little understanding of the soul as separate from the body and the mind. It is not that we have souls; we are souls born to fulfil a unique purpose or destiny in the physical world."  Soul Rescuers


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For over 40 years Terry O’Sullivan has been widely sought after for his pioneering work as a Soul Rescuer and shaman. He uses ancient techniques with tried and tested contemporary methods of healing, dowsing and energy balancing to clear powerful negative energies and hauntings. His work draws on ancient traditions and wisdom, ranging from Celtic Shamanism and Native Indian rituals to the meditative disciplines of Tibetan Buddhism and Eastern mysticism. Through these disciplines Terry teaches people how to connect with their spiritual connections and to harmonise them with their home, work environment, and bring a new sense of balance to their lives.

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Natalia O'Sullivan is a renowned spiritual teacher and healer.  She combines modern psychological thinking with ancient wisdom, by drawing on various holistic arts and ancient spiritual traditions with a contemporary approach. With her husband, Terry, she is the co-founder of The Soul Rescuers Foundation Course.  A professional certification training programme, which draws on ancient spiritual traditions with a contemporary approach. Trained Soul Rescue practitioners specialise in sacred and ancestral healing, spirit release and land healing.


Felicity Warner is founder of the world wide Soul Midwives’ movement and is principal of the Soul Midwives’ School. She created the idea of soul midwifery for the dying after sitting with many hundreds of people at the end of life.  Her pioneering work has brought a new dimension to holistic and spiritual palliative care, both in the UK and abroad (there are now soul midwives working in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and Europe).


Steve Taylor is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, and the author of several best-selling books on psychology and spirituality. He is the current chair of the Transpersonal Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. His books include Waking From Sleep, The Fall, Out of the Darkness, Back to Sanity,  The Calm Center and The Leap. His latest book is Spiritual Science: Why Science Needs Spirituality to Make Sense of the World. His books have been published in 19 languages, while his articles and essays have been published in over 40 academic journals, magazines and newspapers. 



Beyond the Veil aims to tackle 3 key issues: 


Grief can be so crippling to those who have experienced loss. The reality is that most people never truly recover from grief, but only learn to live with it.  According to research 6 in 10 grieving people 'see or hear dead loved ones'.  

“Common as these events are, people are still reluctant to talk about them for fear that others will think they have lost their minds. Those who dismiss, minimize or trivialize the experience often do not realize how important these experiences are for the bereaved. For some, they provide hope and are viewed as spiritual signs. The experience is a link with their loved one that can help sustain them through the darkest times.” Marilyn A. Mendoza Ph.D.

Beyond The Veil aims to open us up to an alternative view on death and provide hope and proof to those suffering from grief that our loved ones are still with us.


People all over the world are paralyzed by the fear of dying, creating a very traumatizing experience for anyone who is preparing to die. It’s time that we changed our perspective on death, through reconnecting back to our spiritual self.

Research reveals “that feelings of death anxiety tend to be lower among people who report having contact with a loved one who has died.” (Neal Krause, PhD) 

Beyond the Veil aims to allow us to reconnect with the spiritual aspect of our being and to remember that we are more than this physical reality. A tiny shift in perception that could have immeasurable positive effect on our life and death.  


In the past, psychic phenomena has often been dismissed by mainstream science and with that any evidence of the afterlife. There are millions of people all over the world, born with abilities to communicate with the spirit world and they have been silenced for far too long.  

Beyond the Veil aims to give a voice to the important and life changing work being done by psychic mediums all over the world in helping people to reconnect with their loved ones from the beyond.  


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Desislava Kadra is a London-based documentary filmmaker who combines films with spirituality as a way to integrate her favourite subjects.  In 2014, a death in the family led her to delve into the spiritual and mystical traditions and to seek answers outside of the rational scientific approach to every day life.  This opened her eyes to possibilities that served as the catalyst for her work today.  

Her first short documentary ‘Fighting for the Wild’ that she shot while traveling South America was selected in a number of film festivals around the world and has won 3 awards.  After working in the TV and Film industry for over five years, she decided to continue her passion by creating conscious media company Bridging the Realm.

Desi has also founded the Katalyst Film Event - a London based spiritual event that combines film screenings with meditations and talks.  Most recently, she launched a podcasting platform ‘Bridging the Realm’ where she interviews guests from the spiritual and scientific community with the aim to bridge the gap between the the spiritual and material world. 



Beyond The Veil aims to provide a glimpse into life after death and the non-physical reality. Some of the inspirations for this come from a number of visually stunning pieces and artworks by talented artists, that portray the fluidity and non-physical state as described by the speakers. 

Minghao Xu - Minghao Xu is an artist and filmmaker for the past 10+ years. His mission as an artist has become to communicate these indescribable worlds of the spiritual experience and make them experienceable through contemporary media. He uses “flame fractals” combined with music and cinematic elements to create the animations which Void Visuals is known for today. 

Louise Dyer - Louis Dyer is a digital artist living in the UK, his artworks reflect his inspiring lucid dreams, meditation and astral journeys.

Kipp Jarden - an American freelance animator and motion graphics artist with a background in drawing and traditional animation techniques. His interests in Eastern philosophy and art, science fiction and fantasy storytelling, and the development of contemporary scientific and metaphysical theories are all guiding factors in his forays into independent animation production.





Your backing is the final push to help create a visually stunning documentary of Beyond The Veil. These essential funds will contribute towards the post-production including editing, grading, sound design, music, archive, VFX and most importantly, sharing the film with the world to create a lasting positive impact for those who can relate to the theme.  




Base level post-production - editing, colour grading and finish.  Licensing for archive, artwork and music composition


One of the key aspects of BTV is to show a glimpse of the non-physical reality and spirit world.  In order to do this, a number VFX will need to be created originally for the film. Reaching this goal will allow for the unique vision of Beyond The Veil to become a reality


What happens after the film is made? My vision for BTV is to reach as many people as possible in the most effective way.  In order to do this, a tailor made approach to the festival circuit is necessary in order to increase the film’s chances of it 1)being seen and 2)reaching a wider audience around the world. 



This film has been 2 years in the making and has been completely self-funded up until this point and cannot go any further…

That's where you come in! I am turning to Greenlit and supporters to raise the necessary funds to finish this film.

Around 80% of the filming is already completed after getting some incredible footage with the main characters over the last year and a half.  However there is still some work left to be done and my hope is that with your help, I can complete the film by the end of 2019, to be screened around the world in 2020. 



Like millions of people today, I have experienced first hand how debilitating grief can be, after losing my mom five and a half years ago.  The reality is that most people never truly recover from grief, they just learn to cope with it. A state that leads many people to depression and worse. This experience led me to seek answers outside of the rational approach to every day life.  Three months after my mother’s death, I saw a gifted psychic, Natalia O’Sullivan, one of the main characters in my documentary, whose work and that of her husband’s Terry O’Sullivan, along with other incredible teachers I met along the way, has opened my eyes to this reality in a way I never thought possible.  It is my deepest wish that this film shines a light for many others dealing with grief in allowing you to see that ‘death’ is not the end. 



Beyond the Veil is much more than a film about the afterlife. The materialist view which the majority of our modern society has adopted, suggests that there is no purpose or meaning as to why we exist. As a result, people fail to find meaning or purpose in life, leading to destructive patterns and behaviours both in ourselves and the world at large. Beyond the Veil hopes to challenge this limiting view, in reminding us that we are spiritual beings and that it is vital to reconnect with that part of ourselves and our true nature as eternal souls. 


“The butterfly emerging from the chrysalis has served as a metaphor for death since Celtic times. In the same way that the butterfly struggles to leave the chrysalis to emerge into its brilliant exquisite self, so too the immortal soul leaves the mortal body and the dark mystery of eternity draws the spirit away from the cacoon of physical life.”  Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan



Of course, I'd love you to pledge: to do this you simply check out the great rewards on offer, select the one you want and follow the link from there. There other ways in which you can help, by simply supporting this important message by sharing it with your friends and family on social media, join us on Facebook and follow all the latest updates on Twitter.  Throughout the campaign, there will be a number of livestreams with myself and special guests, where we will be dicsussing some of the topics in the film and taking questions from the audience. Make sure you join the FB page or Bridging the Realm YouTube channel to join these conversations and have your questions answered on the topic. And as always, please, share share share.  Thank you so much for coming along this journey with me and the team.



This film has been in the making for almost 2 years.  While it is so close to finishing, there are a few challenges that still have to be overcome:

FINISHING THE FILM – half the battle is done. Through the incredible kindness and cooperation of the speakers, the majority of filming is already done. Now we just need your help to cross the finish line.

SPREADING THE WORD – with our Greenlit team behind us, we can give this story the platform and exposure it deserves. Not just to raise money but to get people talking. And when people talk, people help.

IMPACT – the knock-on effect of talking to people is that you find out just how many people are still affected by the grief of the loss of a loved one and how many would do anything to know if their loved ones are still around. The stories of the characters in Beyond the Veil impacts everyone alive and I strongly believe that it will change our perspective on death and the afterlife.  Not only that, but this film could also have a tremendous impact on the way we look at life. 

There have been many risks and challenges along the way, but this is a story that deserves to be told and with everyone’s help, myself and the team will make sure that it is told in the best way possible. 


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