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BABY BOY is a hard hitting, stylised piece of storytelling with a social realist streak, that authentically tackles the subjects of addiction, sexuality, toxic masculinity and duality set against the backdrop of modern day London. From the talented team who brought you SMACK EDD, VILLAIN, TRIGGER FINGER, TURNOUT & THE PLAGUE, the film has been shot and we need your help to get it completed and seen.


The story follows NICKY (Russo) a sexually repressed london cab driver who quickly falls apart when he relapses into drug addiction and descends into smoking crack cocaine while working.  Leaving his wife ANGIE (Shirley) and kids at home he picks up a young queer lover BABY BOY (Clarke) on the streets and quickly becomes besotted with him. The pair descend into a whirlwind of hedonism, finally ending up in a crackhouse which erupts in an act of extreme violence instigated by drug fuelled paranoid delusions. As NICKY loses touch with reality, BABY BOY realises he must escape, leaving NICKY distraught and with no choice but to go home and face the consequences from his long suffering wife. Gritty, raw and powerful storytelling.


Written by George Russo and Greg Hall whose previous scripts were brought to life as the award winning short film SMACK EDD (2019) and also the critically acclaimed crime thriller feature VILLAIN (2020) starring Craig Fairbrass and released by Vertigo which received the New York Times Critics Pick amongst other accolades.


BABY BOY has a very strong cast with George Russo (TURNOUT) in the lead who is known for his immersive, heart wrenching and believable performances. Alongside stars Kellie Shirley, who can currently be seen on IN THE LONG RUN created by Idris Elba, and Dior Clarke who recently starred in and co-wrote / co-directed BATTY BOY from Creative England in association with the National Youth Theatre for Sky Arts. This is the screen debut of east London rapper Tomboy Sexy who has been featured on SBTV and 1Xtra. Supporting cast includes Neil Large (ILL MANORS) and Kim Benson (LEE AND DEAN).


Directed by Greg Hall who has previously made six low budget features films, including his critically acclaimed debut THE PLAGUE (2004) which screened at the BFI London Film Festival and was championed by Mike Leigh. Alongside his feature films he has also directed documentary CHESTER P FOR MAYOR (2015) about the housing crisis and short films including BRUISED (2012). His films have been celebrated by producer Sandy Lieberson, producer Gary Kurtz and director Barney Platts-Mills amongst others.  He is known for telling stories that look at the underbelly of British society and explore marginalised lives on the fringes, short film BABY BOY continues in this vein of relevant contemporary filmmaking. 


Produced by JL Davis and her production company House 38, alongside Russo & Hall’s imprint Medium Kool Films, as a producer on the rise she is building up a body of work that tackles issues of gun violence, male suicide, drug addiction and mental health. BABY BOY creative heads of department include director of photography Karl Poyzer (KELLY), production designer Lee Flude aka ‘The Set Stylist’ (PRADA) and costume designer Lowri Whitwell. The jazz / classical / hip hop band Speakers Corner Quartet, who recently featured on the Focus Music Festival curated by Kate Tempest, will be producing the film's original score.


BABY BOY is an adrenaline fuelled dark drama, a wild piece of storytelling that has already been filmed. The footage looks beautiful and the performances are phenomenal. But the production now needs to raise the money to complete the film, all of the money raised will go directly towards paying for the post-production (editing, sound mix, grade, mastering) and for the festival and distribution of the film. Buying a ticket for the online premiere or the real life premiere means you are helping get the film completed to the high quality it needs to be finished with. There are also further opportunities to get associate and executive producer credits with this exciting team and promising film. 

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A quick run down on what has been happening in the world of Baby Boy. 

We released this amazing still from the film this week:

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