Our first project goes live - Boudica!

Greenlit's first project, the historical drama Boudica has finally gone live. The short, proof-of-concept film has launched for crowdfunding, with the campaign ending on April 16th., with an expected shoot date in early June.

The driving force behind the film is writer-producer Anna Ruben, who's seeking to recast the Iceni warrior queen as a very contemporary heroine. Anna says, "She's the whole package - warrior, mother, inspirational leader - but who was she really? We know how her story ended, but we don't know how it began. There's a lot of action in the film, but we're trying to go beyond the genre and explore Boudica's psychology and motivations".

Writer-Producer Anna Ruben

Anna is a well-known and respected actress in her own right, and has assembled a high-quality cast and crew to bring the project to life. The project is to be directed by the award-winning director Giles Alderson, known for his documentaries and historic dramas, as well as being the host and producer of the Filmmakers' Podcast.


You can support the project here, and for more information and updates, follow the project on Twitter.