Greenlit launches!


After over a year in planning and development, we're delighted to announce that Greenit has finally launched! We're a new, British startup, dedicated to changing the way crowdfunding works for films, and we're working with some great producers on some genuinely exciting projects over the coming months.

So how are we different? Well, firstly we deal with films and only films. You wouldn't market a film in the way that you would a smart toaster or a taco stand, and nor should your crowdfunding campaign be the same. One of the most powerful aspects of crowdfunding is how it can be used to find your audience - as a filmmaker, you want to engage with the people who want to hear your message. As a backer, you want to come on the filmmaking journey, and help overcome the challenges in getting that story out there.

We're also aware that producers often find crowdfunding a challenge. "Marketing" is a bit of an alien, or even distasteful concept for a lot of filmmakers, something Mr Dresden from the Orange Film Board might impose. Our belief is that crowdfunding is not a transaction - it's a conversation, and that marketing is nothing more than the process of finding and talking to the people that will love your work. Done the right way, this relationship will endure through production, through the release of your film, and onto the next one. We'll help you with that process, to work with you in the promotion of your campaign and beyond.

If anyone wants a commitment-free chat about crowdfunding via Greenlit, please contact Pete Storey, CEO via the contact form here. We also run regular events and masterclasses on the subjects of crowdfunding and film finance, both independently and in conjuction with educational establishments and film schools.

To keep updated on all our news, either sign up for emails here, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Looking forward to making some great movies together!