How it works

Crowdfunding has been around for a while, but in case you're new to it, we'll try and explain the process. 

On Greenlit, a filmmaker or producer can post the details of a film project that they are seeking to fund, on its own dedicated page. It could be a short, a full-length feature, a series or even an experimental or art video project. We cover all genres from serious-minded social documentary through to comedy, horror and action. Funding could be requested at any stage of a film's lifecycle - development, production, post-production and finishing costs, or even for exhibition and festival entry. There'll be a video and other supporting media, and more information about their vision. Producers will explain exactly how and where the money raised will be spent, and how it will benefit the production.

They will also offer a number of "rewards", also sometimes known as "perks". These are items that are distributed in exchange for support in the crowdfunding campaign. These might range from thank-yous for support, DVDs, T-shirts and streaming or download access. Rewards could also include experiences such as screening invitations, set visits, on-screen credits or the opportunity to appear on-screen as an extra. It's entirely up to the producer, and whatever suits the film. Backers  can also get exclusive content and behind-the-scenes material - it's not just buying something, it's engaging with, and joining the creative process. You can also pledge a donation of any amount, without the expectation of a reward in return.

The campaign will run for a set period of time, usually 30 days. All crowdfunding campaigns on Greenlit are on an "all-or-nothing basis", which means that a project will need to hit (or exceed) its target for the producer to receive the funds. If you make a pledge, we will ask you to enter your payment details, and verify those. We will not actually take the money until the campaign closes, and the target has been reached. You can also either cancel or change a pledge at any time, up to 24 hours before the scheduled end of the campaign.

At Greenlit, we specialise solely in crowdfunding for films. Unlike other platforms, we only select the best projects and filmmakers to support. There are no guarantees in either the filmmaking process or in crowdfunding, but we take great care to only work with producers who we believe will deliver high-quality projects and all promised rewards in a timely fashion. We aim to offer a high level of support to filmmakers throughout their crowdfunding campaigns and beyond.

For more information, see our Producer FAQs and our Supporter FAQs.