• The Last Confession

    A dying man requests an audience with a priest. Is he seeking forgiveness or something more sinister?
  • Subterranean

    Returning to his hometown one last time, a wayward love-rat reignites friendships and reopens old wounds in one self destructive weekend.
  • Beyond The Veil

    What happens in Life After Death? The true story as told by those who communicate with the spirit world.
  • Ecstasy

    A disabled father and his son try to buy drugs...what could possibly go wrong?
  • Call It a Day

    An uncanny friendship starts between two women who are both at a different crossroad in their lives.
  • The (Un)Holy Trinity

    A ‘Demon Whore’, the founder of ‘Original Sin’ and a ‘Seductress’; three women who have been vilified for daring to exert their own will


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